7 Signs you love coffee (a little too much)

love coffee Seems our love of the black stuff hasn’t run out of steam. We love our coffee, now more than ever! And there’s not a problem in the world a nice cuppa can’t fix, just add #MeccaFriends and you’re good to go! Which is why we’re celebrating #CoffeeWeek from Monday 4 – 8 May, giving you the chance to win an exclusive #MeccaMug every day. All you have to do is crack the daily anagrams we post on Facebook, and then enter the coffee related word into the Bonus Code section at meccabingo.com. Bingo! You’re in with a chance of winning. If you play each day, you could go for the whole set. We have 10 exclusive Mecca mugs for each Mecca letter MECC and A up for grabs!
Be sure to boost your brainpower with a mug of the hot stuff first. But for now seven signs that you love your coffee a little more that you should …


1. You ask for it in one ​word. “COFFEE” – ​Because why use a full sentence, when one word would do?​

2. People can see inside your mouth if you haven’t had a coffee for a few hours – ​It’s not pretty. But you cannot help it.​

3. You hate people if you haven’t had coffee for a few hours – ​Caffeine makes the world a much nicer place​. Your annoying boss, boyfriend, kids are all tolerable after a cuppa.

4. But, you instantly like people more if they make you a brew – ​Honestly, anyone. You’re not fussy.​

5. You can’t function without it. Literally. ​Errr… How do you switch on a computer again? ​

​6. ​It’s THE reason you get out of bed – ​That and Mecca Bingo, obviously.​

7. You’d just don’t get people who don’t like coffee. Like, who are they? ​They’re instantly forgettable and not as likeable.​ And hell, how do they function without it?!


… how did you do? Let us know what you scored, and remember full marks to those who got 7/7. Oh yes, and be thankful that King Charles II and The Women’s Petition Against Coffee of 1674 never got what they wished for hey!


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