Christmas Illusions – Can you spot the bingo balls?

As it’s the season of goodwill, we’ve designed some sneaky illusions that are sure to bamboozle the most eagle-eyed puzzler. All you have to do is spot the bingo balls hidden among some well-known Christmas items: simple, right? No-Ho-Ho!

You’ll have to search through big shiny baubles and crowds of Christmas trees to find the eye-shy balls. There’s four puzzles in total, each as mind-boggling as the last, so take a deep breath, grab the glühwein, and keep your eyes peeled. Yule love them!

Red bingo ball hidden in holly

While decking the halls with boughs of holly, we accidentally dropped a bingo ball. Can you peruse through the prickles and help find it?


Green bingo ball hidden in Brussels sprouts

No one really likes sprouts – and it’s no wonder! Can you search through this frustrating festive image to find the hidden bingo ball?


Blue bingo ball hidden in Christmas tree decoration

Oh no! A bingo ball has fallen from the Mecca Christmas tree. Can you rummage through the box of decorations and spot where it went?


Gold bingo ball hidden in Christmas baubles

Can you spot the sneaky bingo ball camouflaged by brightly coloured baubles? It’s a toughie!



Did you manage to spot the bingo balls or are you in need of Santa’s little helpers? Let us know how you got on by leaving us a comment, below!


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