How to care for your pet in summer

care for your pet in summer

Summer is here and while most of us are loving the warmer weather, it can be a real struggle for our furry friends. We’re pet mad at Mecca Bingo and wanted to share the useful tips we’ve found about keeping your pet cool in warmer weather. If you’re planning on taking your dog on holiday, there’s also a handy section for that, too!

Summer grooming tips

It can be tempting to clip your dog or cat to help keep them cool in summer, but that’s not the best thing to do for all breeds. For many ‘fluffier’ breeds, their double layered coat actually helps to provide heat relief. Acting like insulation, it stops them from getting too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Shaving your pet down to his undercoat can do more harm than good – removing their natural cooling system and leaving them more open to sunburn. Before you head to the groomers, check with your vet what’s best for your breed.

Check out our blog on how to pamper your pet if you’re looking for other ways to make them feel special.

Change your walkies schedule for summer

Walk your dogs early in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures are likely to be cooler. This will lower the chances of your dog suffering heatstroke, which can be very serious for them. Be particularly careful of walking your dog in hot weather if they are unfit or suffer from breathing difficulties.

Check the temperature of the tarmac

The pads on your dogs’ paws can burn easily so it’s really important to check whether the ground is too hot for them to walk on. Dogs Trust recommend that you do the ‘seven second test’. Hold your hand on the pavement for 7 seconds. If it’s too hot for you to do this, then it’s too hot for your dog to walk on.

Give them somewhere to chill out – literally!

Make sure there’s somewhere cool and shaded for your pet to rest at home. Keep a fan aimed on their favourite place to lie, or invest in a self-cooling dog mat for your dog to relax on. Make sure there’s a nice shaded spot in the garden for them so they can catch a breeze. You could even put a paddling pool out for them to take a dip.

Make sure they get plenty to drink

All that panting is thirsty work! Hydration goes hand in hand with good summer pet care. Keep your dog’s water bowl topped up and consider using a bigger one than usual, or placing a couple around the house for the summer months. If you’re out and about, take a portable water bottle for dogs with you so your canine friend can cool down with a drink.

Checklist for taking your dog on holiday

1.Make sure you have your pet’s passport

Pet passports are issued by your vet. You need a pet passport if you are travelling from or to the UK. Along with their passport, your pet must also be microchipped and vaccinated.

2. Check that the details on your pet’s microchip are up to date.

Make sure that the contact details linked to the chip are up to date. You can register and update your details with PETtrac. Details of your pet’s chip should also be added to their passport.

3. Have them vaccinated

Your pet will need a rabies and tapeworm vaccination before being allowed into most countries. This will need to be documented in their pet passport. The vaccination must also cover them for their return to the UK. There’s more information about this on the website.

4. Pack their blanket or favourite toy

Going to a new place can be unsettling for some pets. Pack the blanket they sleep on or bring their favourite toy to remind them of home.

5. Travel safe

If travelling by car, make sure that your pet is properly secured at all times. For comfort and safety, make sure to use a pet carrier or car harness. You could be breaking the law if you don’t!

Let us know if you’re taking your pet on holiday. We’d love to see your pictures on the Mecca Bingo Facebook page!


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