Delicious BBQ Recipes

The weather’s finally turned, just in time for National BBQ Week from Monday 29th May – Sunday 4th June.

It’s about time we all got back into the BBQ groove – so let’s celebrate National BBQ week with delicious meals for your next cookout!

Check them out below:

Beef Burgers


  • 500g mince
  • Red onion, thinly sliced
  • Half a teaspoon of salt
  • Three quarters of a teaspoon of pepper
  • Chilli flakes
  • Garlic, finely grated
  • A teaspoon of mixed herbs
  • Tomatoes
  • Cheese slices of your choice
  • Gherkins
  • Iceberg lettuce
  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard
  • Ketchup
  • Brioche burger buns


1.Mix your special burger sauce ingredients together, you can customise this to your preference if you like! It’s best to do this a few hours or even the day before.


2. Mix the mince, red onion, salt, pepper, garlic, mixed herbs. and chilli flakes together, and divide them into equal portions.  Press a small amount of cheese in the middle of each portion, cover them and let them chill for at least 30 minutes or overnight.


3.  It’s time to get the barbecue out! Lightly oil the meat and allow them to cook for 5 minutes (the cheese will melt whilst cooking). Flip them over carefully, and cook for at least a further 5-10 minutes (depending on how you like your burgers).


4. Serve the burgers in brioche burger buns with tomatoes, gherkins, iceberg lettuce, and your special burger cause. If you fancy, you can add more cheese and red onion, but you don’t have to.

Chilli Chicken Wings


  • 4 teaspoons of ground cumin
  • 4 teaspoons of paprika
  • 4 teaspoons of cayenne pepper
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • Crushed black peppercorns
  • Chicken wings (tips removed and jointed)
  • A handful of oregano
  • Crushed garlic
  • 3 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • 300g of natural yogurt
  1. Prepare the barbecue with more coals on one side, so that one side is hotter than the other.
  2. Combine all the spices, salt, and pepper in a bowl. Throw in the wings, and make sure they’re nicely coated.
  3. Cook the wings on the cooler side of the barbecue with the lid closed, for 30 minutes. Make sure you turn them halfway through.
  4. Then, move the wings to the hotter side, and cook for another 5 minutes. You want them to be evenly crisp, so it’s ideal to move turn and move them around.
  5. Mix the yogurt with garlic and lemon juice to create a nice sauce.
  6. Toss the remaining spice mixture onto the wings, serve them on a platter ad drizzle some of the yogurt sauce.

Vegan Hot Dogs


  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 3-4 carrots
  • Rosemary sprigs
  • 2 teaspoons of salt
  • 4 teaspoons of pepper
  • 1 red onion, cut into 4 thick rings
  • Vegan hot dogs
  • Corn cobs
  • Tomato chutney
  • Basil leaves
  • Sub rolls
  • Mayonnaise (optional)
  1. Light the barbecue and spread the coals evenly.
  2. Mix the olive oil with rosemary, salt and pepper, and brush that over the carrots, spring onions, vegan hot dogs, and corn.
  3. Grill the carrots for 10 minutes and turn them every now and then.
  4. Slice the corn off the cobs, and mixt than in a bowl with tomato chutney and basil.
  5. Warm up the sub rolls on the barbecue, then split them down the middle and add the sweetcorn and mayonnaise (if you decide to use any).
  6. Fill the rolls with the hot dogs and grilled carrots. Top that off with more sweetcorn and basil.

We hope you enjoyed our BBQ recipes! Leave a comment below to let us know your favourite.

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