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Number 17 bingo ball as the Earth with Bingo ball 41 as the Moon

We live in a constantly evolving world, where our everyday lives are shaped by the frequently shifting digital landscape. We’re constantly connected to our friends and family through social media and there are also innovative new online games that mean we can enjoy an entertaining night at home and still socialise through online platforms. 

Even if people fancy a spot of gambling, they can easily just sign up to play bingo online or to get a quick online scratchcard, and the rise of online casinos has seen many of the established land-based ones closing; however, bingo halls remain popular in the UK and throughout the world. In fact, these halls are going to extra lengths to ensure that they keep existing customers and attract new ones with innovative new features and amazing interiors.

If you’re thinking of a night out on the town with mates for a spot of the game, then you’d do well to visit any of these top halls from around the world.

Foxwoods Casino and Resort

Foxwoods Casino and Resort was built in 1986 and quickly became a hotspot for lovers of the game and gamblers from all over. Located in the Mashantucket Reserve in Connecticut, the once modest building has been transformed into a 4,000 sq. ft casino with a plethora of table games and almost all the other gambling favourites to choose from. It’s not just the casino that’s the attraction here, however, there’s also an exquisite golf course, a world-class spa and a fine-dining restaurant. These all cater to the luxury accommodation that can be found in the resort. This isn’t a simple hall that you pop into for a night out with the girls, it’s a veritable gambling feast and a great idea for a luxurious weekend away.

Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas

Where better to do a spot of gambling that in Sin City itself? Before you even get to Red Rock Casino, chances are that you will already be left speechless from the glitz and glam that seems to seep out of every Las Vegas Institute. Red Rock is renowned in Vegas as a classy, luxurious gambling getaway in the heart of the city. However, their bingo hall is particularly impressive. It can seat just about 6,000 players and caters for both smokers and non-smokers in segregated sections. The vibe is absolutely astounding and the massive plasma televisions help to up the ante into a lively and entertaining time for visitors from all over the world.

National Stadium Bingo, Dublin

The National Stadium was built in 1938 and remains one of Dublin’s proud establishments. At full capacity, it can seat up to 2000 players and this means that the winnings on these nights are generous, to say the least. On the nights that don’t have a full house, you can still expect between 600 to 800 players and winnings would still be a nice addition to your savings. The people are friendly, the vibe is good and the winnings are great, what’s not to love?

Mecca Bingo, Camden Town, London

Busy Camden Lock in London

If you’re looking for a night out on the town in old Camden Town, then check out the Mecca Bingo branch right next door to the Odeon Cinema in North London. Excellent public transport makes getting there simple by bus or tube. 

Known for its fun and friendly community that builds up a fantastic atmosphere and with the ability to seat 1,200 players at a time, Camden is one of the best clubs for a good night out. Mecca Bingo has regular promotions, specials and bonuses, such as scratchcards. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, Mecca has something for you. For those who want to try something different, then check out Mecca Max, which is played on a touchscreen device. With halls and clubs all over the UK, we are constantly evolving to keep up with modern ideas.

Oneida Indian Bingo, New York

Located at the stunning Turning Stone Casino and Resort, the Oneida Indian Bingo hall is ranked as the third best in the world. The hall itself seats 1,400 guests and they have spared no luxury in picturesque settings. You can also take advantage of the rest of the games that the casino has to offer, along with a plethora of dining and drinking options, live entertainment, accommodation, a spa, a golf course and a gym.

Star Bingo, Melbourne

Melbourne city skylines during sunrise

Croydon Star Bingo is renowned as Australia’s biggest centre for your favourite numbers game. Situated just behind the Dorset Hotel, this centre covers everything that you could ever need. There are plush facilities, bars, restaurants, cafés and a relaxing environment. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, the Croyden Star centre has something for you.

Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom, Durban, South Africa

Set on the green sloping hills of Kwazulu-Natal in South Africa, the Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom is a high-class casino that overlooks the beautiful Indian Ocean. The casino itself has 48 table games and is attached to a stunning hotel that treats guests to a royal welcome. Bingo is the name of the game every Wednesday at 12:00 and guests can enjoy a wonderful variety of prizes to be won.

Bingo Chez Gabi, Romania

Bingo might not be the first thing that you imagine when you think about Romania, but in Bucharest you’ll find a quaint hall called Bingo Chez Gabi. While it is not as famous or upmarket as the other halls on this list, it is a favourite with locals and visitors alike. This small hall has some fun bingo and prizes on offer and with a pub, restaurant and famous pizzas – this is a place you should certainly think about visiting if you love the game. 

Drive-in bingo, Lidköping, Sweden

Halls in Sweden have not fared as well as they have in previous generations with the rise of online games taking a lot of their customers. However, in Lidköping, Sweden, they have found a way that has not just kept the original players, but that is also attracting the younger generation too. The game is played at a drive-in and it’s taken the front seat, so to speak, when it comes to summertime activities. Players sit in their cars and have a view of a screen at the front and a loudspeaker, which they then cross out their numbers from. There are quite a few of these drive-in games throughout the country and if you’re a lover of the game, then this is a different way to experience it in the beautiful Swedish countryside that is sure to evoke a whole heap of nostalgia.

Are Bingo Halls Here to Stay?

In the 1980s there were 1,600 bingo halls in the UK alone and the industry was at an all-time high. However, things started to slow down and we’ve seen a lot of halls closing over the last decade. However, as it’s one of the most popular pastimes in Britain, people still visit their local hall more frequently than they go to football matches. 

The loss of so many halls has been put down to a variety of things but one of the biggest was heavy taxes on the industry. In the middle of the last decade, hall owners were faced with a hefty 20% levy on profits which saw many quit the business. This was reduced to 10% in the 2014 budget.

The rise of the internet and online gaming has also had a massive impact on the bingo industry, with many players choosing the comfort of their own homes to draughty, neglected old buildings. In general, there’s been a lot of negative press for traditional halls, but it’s not all doom and gloom. 

Innovative companies are now using traditional halls – as well as new innovative technologies – to keep people playing the game, even bringing in new players. Online bingo is incredibly popular with younger generations and the profit from these games is enough to make up for the slight drop in numbers in the halls. In fact, bingo halls are an excellent place for online players to meet up with and socialise with friends if they feel the urge to get out and about.

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