Funny Things British Mums Say | Mother’s Day 2020

Mums – they’re the greatest. From predictive text mess-ups to accidental pocket dials, mothers have special quirks which we know all too well. So, to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 (22nd March), we’ve rounded up Mecca Bingo all-time favourite British mum sayings. Work your way through and count them as you go. (Double points if you recognise all 14!)

1. “No Means No”

This basically translates as “I have no good reason to say no, but I’m in no mood to explain myself – so please just drop it!”

2. “I am not your personal taxi service”

Often thrown out when you ask for a lift to your friend’s house in the pouring rain – just as Corrie is about to start!

3. “You treat this house like a hotel”

Mum’s number one saying that really means “Please stay home for more than 5 minutes, I miss you!”

4.“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

Hands up if you got this one when you asked for anything. “Please can I have some new trainers?” “I need a new pencil case” “Mum, the ice-cream van is coming!”

5.“One day you will thank me”

From stopping us eating too many orange Club biscuits or getting a tattoo at 15, Mum was usually right when this saying came out.

6.“It’s like talking to a brick wall”

Why would you talk to a brick wall? You’d get no response… Oooh, right. Sorry Mum. We were just too busy on MSN or playing snake. Of course I’ll put my washing in the basket…

7.“It’ll all end in tears”

Play fighting with your little brother? Sliding down the stairs on your duvet? Cue this phrase from Mum!

8.“Were you born in a barn?”

Odd question coming from the one person who really should know the answer! Just ask me to shut the door, OK?

9.“I’m not asking you, I’m telling you!”

Woah. Mum means business! Better go and move those roller blades from the bottom of the stairs!

10.“You better wipe that look off your face!”

With what cloth? OK, not the time for jokes! If Mum comes out with this corker, you better stop smirking and start being sorry.

11.“My house, my rules”

Mum’s last resort when everything else has failed! Looks like we can’t come in half an hour later after all.

12.“Pick that up before someone hurts themselves”

It’s Lego Mum, not a Samurai sword! OK, we’ll admit that it really does hurt to stand on in bare feet!

13.“I don’t care who started it”

Often paired with its sister line: “I’m finishing it!” One of the most common Mum sayings to end a sibling squabble.

14. “It’s like Blackpool illuminations in here”

Who left a light on in every room they’ve been in? Yeah, that was us. Sorry Mum. We know where you’re coming from now we have to pay our own bills!

Did you spot your mum’s favourite saying? Let us know if there are any other phrases that stick in your mind. If you’re looking for treat for your mum, check out our fab Mother’s Day gift suggestions.


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