Eight Budget-Friendly Home Makeover Ideas

You know we love a bargain here at Mecca Bingo – budget-friendly fun is what we’re all about!

With Mecca Dream Come True just around the corner, and more of our amazing home makeovers up for grabs, we thought we’d take a look at a few home improvements that won’t break the bank. We’re looking at maximizing the fabulous while minimizing the financials, so all these handy home hacks come in at less than £100 each but have the power to totally transform you home interiors.

So, stand aside, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen! Mecca’s got this one covered. You won’t want to miss it!

Home Makeover Tip 1: ‘Handy’ upgrades

This is more literal than it sounds. Time to grab your knockers and knobs and take a good long look at them. Updating your handles can be a fairly simple and cost-effective way of giving some older furniture a new lease of life and some extra personality. Head down to your local hardware store or charity shop and have a hunt about! 

Home Makeover Tip 2: Savvy Storage

This sounds like a simple one, but it’s something that is totally underutilised by so many people!

Step 1: Have a good declutter. Throw away or sell any unwanted items and old junk. Don’t think about it, just do it.

Step 2: Deep clean! Have a dust, polish and vac. Easy, right?

Step 3: Head to everyone’s favourite flat-packed furniture store and grab yourself some savvy storage solutions. These don’t have to break the bank, and there are loads of fun options to pick from; from shelves to storage boxes and cute containers.

Having decent storage options on hand can truly make all the difference. Don’t underestimate the joy of not having to look at your old, dusty clutter anymore, or having somewhere for the kids toys to go once they’re

Home Makeover Tip 3: Give it a lick!

An obvious choice, but one that doesn’t have to cost a lot! If you’re already a dab hand with a brush, throw on an old shirt and get the rollers out. Giving any room a lick of paint is sure to make a big splash – whether you’re going for the same shade as before to cover old scuffs or if you’re feeling more daring and adding an all-new colour to your pad.

Wallpaper can make a big difference too, but we’re not adding it to our list as it can get pretty pricey fairly fast! If you’re on a budget, paint is always the way to go.

If you’re going big and bold, a downstairs bathroom is the ideal place to start and get creative. Smaller spaces work great and you can afford to go all-in in a more secluded area.

So, what suits your style: bold and bright or subtle and serene? Let us know in the comments below!

Home Makeover Tip 4: LOVE Vinyl

Got some old kitchen cupboards that need some lovin’? Vinyl wrap is the way to go! This low-cost solution is great for changing up the colour of your kitchen or larger pieces of furniture. Vinyl wrapping is particularly handy if you’re wanting to inject some colour into your home and you’re renting – as it’s full reversable (unlike painting your landlord’s kitchen).

Home Makeover Tip 5: Light it up

Lamps are a great way to set the mood in an evening. The way you use light can really change the look and feel of any space, so why not take a look at some funky new lamps? You should play around with placement to get the most out of whatever room you’re planning to makeover.

One important thing to note is bulbs. There are loads of cheap and eco-friendly LED bulbs on offer now, but be sure to check the colour if you can. Some give off a cooler, blue/ white light, whilst others offer much warmer and inviting orange tones. Pick one that’s right for the character of your room.

Home Makeover Tip 6: Go green

Bring the great outdoors indoors! Indoor plants are very ‘on vogue’ right now, and they are a cheap and easy way to bring some literal life into a room. Some of the best (A.K.A. easier to keep alive) indoor plants are:

  • Maidenhair Fern
  • Ficus Elastica or Rubber Plant
  • Dracaena Massangeana
  • Spathiphyllum or Peace lily
  • Bromeliad
  • Sansevieria
  • Zanzibar Gem
  • Anthurium Andraeanum

Or, if you’re not so keen on indoor plants, you can buy some convincing fakes! They’re easy on the wallet, easy on the eyes, and, they’re evergreen.

Home Makeover Tip 7: Soft furnishings

Don’t let this quick fix pass you by. Changing up your soft furnishings is easy, fun and doesn’t need to cost a fortune. The biggest difference will be felt through changing bedsheets and curtains, but don’t rule out pillows for the sofa, perhaps some throws, blankets or even a small rug here and there.

Plush and lush. We love it.

Home Makeover Tip 8: MOVE!

This one isn’t quite as dramatic as it sounds… but can still make quite the impact. No, it’s not time to pack your life into boxes, dye your hair and move to Berlin. We’re talking about moving your furniture!

Undoubtably the cheapest option on our list, coming in at TOTALLY FREE, this is one of the easiest ways to get more from your interior spaces. Changing room layouts, positions of certain items and having a general jig about can work wonders for keeping your home feeling fresh and looking fabulous. Plus, it won’t cost you a penny. Win-win!

And there you have it. Eight top tips for a handsome home makeover on a budget. Got some interior style advice of your own? Comment with your chic ideas below.


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  1. Janelle

    I don’t have ideas but some on here are fab ☺️ I’ve already changed handles on wardrobe and 6 drawer chest what a difference 👌 I will try some of these Xx

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