It’s World Emoji Day!

We know that 2020 has already been a bit of an emojional rollercoaster, so hopefully World Emoji Day on July 17th will put a smile(y) on your face! It’s the day to celebrate everything fun about the playful little symbols that have become an essential part of how we communicate. #WorldEmojiDay

Get your emoji keyboard at the ready to celebrate this icon-ic day or head to our Emoji Bingo room for an emoi-tastic game of bingo. Thumbs up!

Some Fun Emoji Facts

  • The reason World Emoji Day celebrated on July 17th is because that’s the date on the calendar emoji. Go ahead and check!
  • The word ‘emoji’ comes from the Japanese translation for ‘picture character’.
  • A huge 95% of people on the internet have used an emoji at some point in their lives – that’s 10 billion sent per day.
  • Even though they feel like they’ve been around forever, emojis are actually only 21 years old.
  • The most popular Emoji is the tears of joy face. We’re glad you’re all so happy!
  • Emoji became an official word in the Oxford Dictionary in 2013.
  • Although they have an emoji for almost anything, we’re still waiting patiently for release of bingo emoji for all the bingo lovers – we’re thinking a bingo ball symbol or a full house icon would be perfect.

Which Emoji Are You? Take Our Emoji Quiz!

You might have already wondered which emoji you best think represents your personality, but we’ve done all the hard work for you be creating this fun Emoji Quiz. Easily find out if you’re as sassy as a Martini Glass, as playful as the Crying with Laughter face or as cool as a pair of sunglasses!


More Ways To Celebrate

Why not head to our Emoji Bingo room? This playful room is exclusive to Mecca which means you won’t be able to find it anywhere else! This emotive game replaces the 50 bingo balls with your favourite emojis and there are two jackpots to win, including the Premiere Bingo Jackpot – a win that will definitely call for champagne popping and celebration emojis!

The room is open from 7am to 3am every single day and you can play on your computer, through the Mecca app or on your browser via your mobile or tablet. It would be rude not to play Emoji Bingo on World Emoji Day 😉

If you still want more emoji in your life then you could also give our Scratch Emoji a go! Scratch away to reveal playful emoji symbols and get 3 matching faces to win a prize.


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