Questions and Answers with our lucky £110,000 winner!

What would you do if you won £110,000? Travel the world? Buy a whole new wardrobe? Move to a bigger house? Well, for one incredibly lucky Dunfermline player, these dreams can now become reality! Sylvia won an incredible £110,518 with us on this month, so we sat down with her to ask her some (very important) questions about her big win and to find out how it has changed her life.

Congratulations on your big win! Can you tell us in one word, how you felt when you got the news?

Who was the first person you told, if anyone?
I was in the kitchen making a drink when I won, so I didn’t even see the win until I checked the notification on my phone. I told my husband and asked him to check the balance in my account because I thought it was a mistake, but it was true!

If you told anyone by message, what did the message say?
I told my son, mum, sisters and few friends over the phone rather than by message, but I also put a post on Facebook. I only have a handful of close friends and family on Facebook, so I just wrote that I’d won over £100,000 playing bingo and everyone was commenting to say congratulations.

Tell us all about how you celebrated?
I had a vodka and coke!

We would be heading right to the shops! What was the first thing you purchased, or thought about purchasing?
The first thing I bought was a nice bottle of champagne for myself.

Did you buy any gifts for friends and family, if so – what?
The main thing was that I got my grandson a new trampoline for his garden. For myself, we’re going to decorate the garden and spruce up our motorhome.

What would you choose, winning with or an all-expenses paid holiday?
Winning at definitely.

Do you have any lucky charms, or lucky numbers?
No! I do like the number 20 because it was my dad’s birthday but I wouldn’t say it was my lucky number.

Have you won anything big before?
I previously won big at the local Carlton bingo hall in Dunfermline, Fife.

If you had to spend all the money in one restaurant or takeaway – what kind of food would it be, and what would you order?
It would definitely be Italian food! I really love pasta, my favourites are Bolognese, meatballs, and all of the classic dishes.

Are you a night in kind of person, or a night out? And if you had to throw a winning party, what would it look like?
Night in. I wouldn’t have a big ‘party’, more of a gathering with my closest friends and family. I would invite them for a back garden BBQ. Unfortunately I don’t get to see them very often – even though they live close we all lead quite separate lives.

Have you been playing with Mecca Bingo for long?
Only since the start of lockdown.

And lastly, if you could go ANYWHERE in the world with your winnings, and pick any celebrity to go with – who would it be, and where?
I would stay and explore more of Scotland. My whole life I have only left Scotland once to visit my husband’s sister in Eastbourne, but I just love it here so much. Although, me and my husband have also been considering a cruise to see the Northern Lights. I’d love to travel with Jason Statham.

We love that Sylvia is choosing to explore more of her home country – and we think a glass of bubbly is the perfect way to celebrate a huge win like this. We’ll bet her grandson LOVED the trampoline! Don’t forget that we have daily jackpot slot games, such as Dynamite Riches and Rainbow Jackpots, where huge jackpot wins are dropped every single day – with over £2.6m won on these in 2019 alone! Or if you’re more of a bingo player like Sylvia, then look out for the crown symbol on bingo games which means you could take home a Premiere Jackpot of up to £30,000! Not bad, eh?


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