Mega Ball Booster Bingo Jackpot Winner

Mecca Bingoreelkingjim started this last weekend on a high as he bagged a massive £13,447.57 when he won the Mega Ball Booster bingo jackpot on Wednesday night!


He was playing Penny Bingo in our Lucky For Some Room and spent just 18p on tickets. He only joined the day before so what a way to start his journey here with us!


Jim is planning a trip to the electrical shop with his winnings:

I was flitting from room to room at the time of my win so I didn’t actually realise I’d won any money. When I saw it in my account I couldn’t believe it and rang my dad for advice. He told me not to spend it in case there had been a mistake and it wasn’t mine to spend. Now that you’ve confirmed that the money is all mine I’m planning to go out and buy myself a new TV and some other treats as well as paying some bills of course!

Congratulations reelkingjim!



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