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While some people wait until the next Monday, new month, or even new year to set their goals, plan their lives, focus their minds and finally start progressing towards their dreams, others wake up every morning and just go for it. “How?” you may ask. There are a few ways, but motivational apps are some of the best tools for the job.

You probably already have an app to play online bingo, a few apps for connecting with your friends and colleagues, and even one to order your groceries. So if you want to generate positive momentum and commit to achieving your goals, it’s time to get an app for that too.

Whether you need a motivational talk to get you going, some visual inspiration to remind you of your goals, a PA to help organise your life, or a calming voice to wind down your days, here are our 10 favourite motivational apps to bring balance, productivity and success into your life. Hopefully you’ll find one that really resonates with you, and aligns with where you’re going in your life and what you want to achieve. Are you ready?

1. Envol

iPhone rating 5 stars

Android rating 4.8 stars

Envol is a one-stop-shop for improved health. It offers practices, tips and information on how to reduce stress, improve your sleep and vitality, increase your energy levels, and feel good. It’s backed by science and approved by doctors, while 87% of customers report improved health and increased energy after just four weeks of using this app! 

Being in a state of good health is the surest way to motivate you to live your best life, and you can do that with the help of Envol’s guided meditations and visualizations, affirmations, 3D sound journeys, breathing exercises and more.

2. HabitBull

iPhone rating 4.7 stars

Android rating 4.4 stars

Sometimes you have to distance yourself from your old ways of life to be able to make positive changes. HabitBull aims to help you “smash through your goals” by providing a fully customisable habit tracker that helps you organise your life, break bad habits, and build healthy ones.

It allows you to track and monitor your habits, set reminders, make daily notes for yourself, and manage your time. The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and even features motivational quotes to help you get on top of things.

3. Habitica

iPhone rating 4 stars

Android rating 4.2 stars

Forming good habits can be a daunting task, but as those who play slots online know, playing games isn’t. The solution? Gamify your tasks! Join more than four million “Habiticans” and turn mundane tasks into a role-playing game. Habitica provides a fun way to motivate you to achieve your goals and build a routine. You’ll be assigned a custom character avatar, and when you achieve your goals, tick off items on your to-do list. Meanwhile, the app motivates you to keep pushing to succeed with your desired habits by letting you level up and unlock rewards including skills, quests, and equipment. It’s every gaming and slot fan’s ideal motivational app.


iPhone rating 4.4 stars

Android rating 4.6 stars

Create a virtual vision board for your goals, dreams, and plans with iWish. This app can help you identify your goals. You can choose from more than 1,200 ideas, write your to-do list, set reminders and priorities, create beautiful visuals, and track your progress as you go. This is a great app for visual thinkers and people who like to doodle, and motivates users to make their dreams a reality. 

5. Shuffle My Life

Android rating 4.2 stars

The surest way to lose motivation is boredom. Shuffle My Life helps you “beat boredom forever” by discovering new places, hobbies, and more. This fun app suggests tasks over a variety of categories, including creative, fitness, urban, and social, to name a few; you’ll also earn points for achieving each task. Shuffle My Life helps users become more sociable, spontaneous, and skilled. It’s a highly versatile app that will adapt to wherever you are, helping you make friends and discover cool places in your current location. If you’ve ever wanted to snap yourself out of a rut, this could give you just the inspiration you need.

6. Strides

iPhone rating 4.8 stars

Nothing is quite as fulfilling as ticking things off your to-do list and feeling as though you’re really making progress and gathering some momentum. Strides helps you do just that. It’s a smart goal tracker designed to help you monitor anything – goals, habits, and routines have never been so achievable. The easy navigation and user-friendly design features reminders, charts, target dates, and efficient categorisation. It’s a great tool to boost your motivation, organise your life, and hold you accountable for your actions and the direction you’re taking.  

7. Success Coach

iPhone rating 4.7 stars

Android rating 4.5 stars

Success Coach is like having your own personal life coach in your pocket. This is a life-management system that helps you plan, focus, and achieve your goals, both on a day-to-day basis and in the long term. You’ll be given effective tools to boost your productivity and manage your progress. Set smart goals, develop an action plan, build a motivating morning routine, schedule in daily and weekly habits for a healthy life, record your insights, and reflect on your days with Success Coach.

8. Thirty

Android rating 4 stars

Research suggests that it takes 21 days to build a habit. Imagine then, all that you could’ve accomplished in the past month, but didn’t. That is where Thirty comes in – this app invites you and your friends to challenge yourselves over the next 30 days. Try something new, let go of an old bad habit, or commit to being consistent with your exercise routine. If you enjoy sharing your motivational journey, this could be the app for you: Thirty is a social experiment that helps users set a goal and track it every day, for 30 days. You’ll be able to write about your mood and experiences, share photos of your progress, and record videos telling your fellow challengers about what you’re up to. You can even start a competition and earn badges as you progress along the way!

9. Ten Percent Happier

iPhone rating 4.8 stars

Android rating 4.8 stars

Inspired by The New York Times bestselling book by Dan Harris, Ten Percent Happier offers users regularly guided meditations, courses, and podcasts by some of the most renowned mindfulness teachers across the globe, and even personal one-on-one sessions with trained coaches. The app is designed to help you improve your sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, become more mindful, focused, and – as the name suggests – a happier version of you. 

10. Zombies, Run!

iPhone rating 4.8 stars

Android rating 4.4 stars

If you’re one of those people whose only reason for running would be if you were being chased by zombies, then lace up your trainers… because the zombies are coming! This fitness app provides a fun and immersive way to reach your fitness goals, combining an interactive story where you must follow the audio instructions guiding you through 200+ missions, run from zombies, collect supplies, and build your base. It’s basically fitness for gamers, and more than one million people are playing it. Could it be the one that kick-starts your new exercise regime?

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We hope you’ll discover the right app to steer your path towards your goals and that you can soon look back and be amazed at how far you’ve come. Just remember that when it comes down to it, you are the one in control of how you are and where you’re going. If you’re determined enough, you’ll be able to achieve everything you desire. 

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