National Picnic Month: What you should pack in

July is the heart of summer for us in the UK and the perfect time for National Picnic Month! There’s nothing quite like soaking up the sun in the park with good food and great company.
Whether a romantic date, birthday celebration or a girly catch up, the perfect picnic requires some planning to avoid sitting straight on the grass eating one bag of crisps…
So, we’re going to help you pack for your picnic! Use the below as a checklist when organising your sunny day out.

The Basics

There are a few things that you just can’t picnic without, so make sure you or someone else brings along these essentials:

  • Blanket
  • Plastic or paper cups and plates, and paper serviettes
  • Or go environmentally friendly with stainless steel cups, reusable bamboo plates and cotton napkins
  • Utensils, a knife is probably most important
  • Bottle opener and/or corkscrew
  • Bin bag for the rubbish

Food and Drinks

It wouldn’t be much of a picnic if you sat there starving and thirsty now would it. Before you start shopping for your nibbles and drinks, make sure you have a picnic basket or bag to carry your goodies in as well as a cooler to keep things cold. Make sure to also either have ice packs or bags of ice for your cooler – nobody wants a warm bevvy!

Here are some tasty treats you can take, which are best kept in lightweight, resealable containers:

  • Crackers and cheese (an obvious go-to)
  • Crisps or tortillas and dip
  • Sandwiches (try to avoid egg-mayo or tuna as these can be very smelly!)
  • Salad on a stick (yes you read that right! Simply slide your salad ingredients on a skewer for easy eating)
  • Scones with cream and jam (a staple, isn’t it?)
  • An ice cream cone (make sure your cooler is cold enough for the ice cream and don’t forget the flake – or there’s bound to be a Mr Whippy van nearby for a cheeky 99 treat!)

To wash it all down, here are some ideas for drinks you can bring:

  • Water either in a big bottle or pack of 500mls
  • Juice boxes (they’re not just for kids)
  • Beer cans or a bottle of wine
  • Pre-mixed cocktails in a can

Some Fun!

Lounging around, stuffing your belly and taking loads of photos are great picnic activities, but why not take yours to the next level with a few games to play.

Here’s what to bring along for entertainment:

  • Deck of cards (there are so many games you can play with cards)
  • Scrabble
  • Paper and pen (and a hat/bag of sorts) for charades
  • Frisbee
  • Ball (for a bit of footy)
  • Twister (for anyone feeling energetic enough)
  • Check out our online rooms for some fun on the go

We hope this sets you up for a fabulous picnic this summer! And we’d love to hear what you just can’t picnic without or where your favourite spots to lay your blanket are – let us know in the comments below.

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