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If you are a fan of online bingo and you feel like you need a bit of a change, then you might be interested to hear that there are a ton of different number games out there for you to enjoy. After all, sometimes you need to take a break from bingo after the wins have been slowing down.

Well we are here to help, and we hope to do so by offering you a list of some of the best and most fun number games available to you both on- and offline. We aren’t talking about basic adding up games for kids or the classic sudoku, these games each pose a unique level of difficulty and challenge, while also having fun and addictive gameplay. Let’s dive right in.


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While we did say that we weren’t talking about basic adding up games, and Threes does give one that impression on the surface, this game marries beautiful design, eye-catching colours, simple gameplay, wonderful characters and addictive fun into one amazing product.

The gameplay is simple – add 1 and 2 to get 3, then add 3 and 3 to get 6, and then add that to another 6 to get 12 and so on with multiples of threes. You manipulate the numbers and their adding pattern by sliding the 4×4 grid around your phone in any direction. If two numbers collide with each other and can combine to create a multiple of 3, then that frees up a slot on the board. But, with each slide, you are constantly adding new numbers to the board that then increase the difficulty of creating new moves for multiples of 3.

The game is played until you have made as many moves as possible before there are no more available moves that will result in a multiple of 3 forming – that’s where the challenge comes in. Threes is constantly pushing you towards that final move and managing the numbers, and your moves, with precision and forethought, is key to getting as high a score as possible.

Threes is available on Android, iOS, Xbox One and Windows Phones.

Balls On My Screen

Balls On My Screen is a seriously fun and beautifully designed brain-trainer game that has you puzzling and connecting strings of numbers together for as long as possible before you run out of time. The game is easy to learn, but difficult to master, and is played a little like this: Each ball (or dot) has a number and can only be connected in a sequence of other balls that are equal to the number it holds – one 1, two 2s, three 3s, six 6s, etc. As you drag and combine the collections of numbers they will disappear, and new random numbers will take their place.

There are different game modes available to play, depending on the level of challenge that you are up for. Try out the Classic Mode where you have one minute to connect as many combinations of balls as possible. The Arcade Mode spices it up a little by starting you with the same one-minute time limit, but each time you make a successful combination of balls you get a little time added to the clock. Don’t relax just yet though, as time goes on the game becomes a bit faster paced and you will need to play as fast as possible to put up a good score. If you are in a more relaxed mood and want to take it a little easy while you flex your brain, then Zen Mode sounds more your speed. This game mode lets you play for as long as you want to without any time restrictions and allows you to save your progress so that you can return to your zen field of balls and carry on.

Balls On My Screen is available on the Google Play store and Android devices.

Big Money Slingo Bonus

Sometimes if you’re looking for a bit of change you don’t even need to go very far. If you have just decided to take a break from the online bingo rooms and want to play something with just enough of a twist to keep it fresh, then look no further than Big Money Slingo. This little game is ideal for bingo lovers because it has a little bingo in it. Big Money Slingo combines the fun and unpredictability of online slots with the classic game of online bingo, for a fresh new take on both. There are even massive cash prizes and jackpots to be won, so there is no reason not to love it.

The fun begins by clicking the Start button and then selecting from one of 6 locations which are Joker Hamlet, Royal Forest, Golden Fields, Diamond Peak, Lucky Gulch and Smugglers Cove. Once you have made your selection then 4 jokers are placed on the game board. The reels will spin 6 times and each reel will show either a symbol or a number. With every game, you get 6 spins of the reels, as well as the opportunity to win extra spins that can be used during the end of the game.

The main aim of the game is to match as many vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines as possible before your spins run out. Don’t forget about the jokers we added in the beginning, as they provide free squares that allow you to create winning lines so there is more chance of winning.

Big Money Slingo Bonus us available to play 24/7 online at If you’re looking for a place to start, check out our guide on how to play slingo bingo.

Picross Madness

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While having certain software requirements to play games is usually a deal-breaker for me, in the case of Picross Madness it is entirely worth it. The game requires Adobe Air to play, which can scare people off, but I highly recommend making an exception in this case. The minimalistic and gorgeous design, the sheer number of puzzles for you to play (620 and more are coming!) as well as it being free and having no in-app purchases, makes this little brain-trainer a fantastic title.

The game is comprised of a grid with numbers arranged on the left and top, kind of like a graph sheet, that contains the code for a binary image found within the grid. Each number designates a series of coloured cells that must be preceded or followed by at least one blank space. To get you started, Picross Madness has hundreds of small 5×5 grids that will be easy enough to help you get a good understanding of how to solve them. Once you have become more familiar with how to solve these beautiful little puzzles, you will find yourself taking on the challenge of the 10×10 or even the 15×15 grids.

Whether you are new to these kinds of number puzzle games, or you are a veteran of nonogram solving, Picross Madness will scratch your numbers itch and also provide you with hours and hours of fun.

Picross Madness is available on the Google Play store and is also able to be played at a number of sites online.

Which number game is for you? Is there one that specifically caught your eye, or are you going to try them all? There might even be a favourite of yours that we didn’t mention, and thousands of others that we have yet to discover. There are a myriad of fun and exciting number games available at Mecca Bingo that are waiting to be discovered by you. Hundreds of fun and addictive hours of gameplay for you can be found in our collection of online bingo and slots games. Come play with us, and you could also end up a winner. 

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