Robin Windsor: Charleston Dance Class and Q&A

You may have seen our LIVE dance class with Robin Windsor last Wednesday on Facebook. This week it was the Charleston and we all had such a fun time. All we can hope is that you were better at it than us here at Mecca?

If you missed it, don’t fret. Everything was recorded so you can watch the whole class right here below.

We also took some time out to have some banter with Robin and got to ask him some unusual questions. Fortunately, he was up for it too and you can also find these below. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we did asking them.

Robin is back next Wednesday and this time it’s THE JIVE baby! Mark it in you calendars for 1PM and we will see you there.

Robin’s dance class video

Q&A with Robin Windsor

Who is your hero ?

My Mum for sure she’s the best and always inspires me.

If you had a warning label on you what would it say ?

Touch with Caution !!!!

Have you ever had a secret admirer ? If so tell us more …

Yes I have and I never found out who they were, I used to get gifts all the time, they used to send things to me when I was at Strictly, but they never revealed themselves, so I still don’t know who that person is. So I’m giving them a little shout out here maybe they are reading this, just saying I haven’t received anything for a little while, wink wink.

If there is anything you could bring back into fashion what would it be?

Flairs and all the 70’s stuff I am a big 70’s fan, platform shoes to get out and have a boogie in.

Do you collect anything?

Yes I collect programmes from musicals I’ve been to, I have loads of them and I try and get them signed by all the cast if I can, because I love my musicals.

What’s the last thing you binged watched on TV?

The Morning Show from Apple TV, which btw you can get for free for the first week and watch as much as you can. It has Jennifer Anniston and Resse Witherspoon in 2 of my favourite actresses.

What was your favourite subject at school and why ?

Geography, I loved learning about other countries and the world.

What is your favourite animal and why ?

It has to be a Lion because they are the kings of everything and so am I.

Did you ever get detention at school?

I spent more time in the detention room than I did anywhere else actually I was a little naughty you could say and got into trouble here and there.

What wishes would you make if you had a genie and a lamp?

I have actually been the genie in the lamp for a few years now in Aladdin in Panto, I wish the man of my dreams lives a little closer than he does, and for world peace.

What 1 super power would you like?

Definitely to be invisible, I’d love to know what everyone is doing and they don’t know that I’m watching, take that however you want ha ha!

What’s your favourite meal to cook?

I don’t really cook much, but spending all this time at home right now I have learnt to cook and I do some mean Meatballs which are my favourite.

What 3 items would you take to a Deserted Island with you ?

I’d definitely take my dog, whoever I’m dating, and I would usually say spray tan ha ha ! but I’m going to say clippers because I like to look nice, clean and trim.  

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