You Said, We Listened

As you might have noticed, we’ve given our site a bit of revamp. We hope you like it because we certainly do. Our new look has painted a big old smile on our faces here at Mecca. You can’t beat a bit of redecorating!

There’s more to it than a lick of paint though. In fact, we’ve been collecting all the feedback you’ve been giving us for the past couple of years and put it all together to create our brand new look.

You said you were sick of clicking for ages to get to your favourite games so now you can just click the little heart next to your faves and it saves them for you. This works for your favourite bingo rooms too so now all the things you use most are just one click away!

You said we were looking a bit tired and old fashioned so we fixed ourselves up and streamlined a few things to bring us into the modern day. We also brightened up our colours and then gave you the choice of which colour to make us!

You said you wanted to vote for your CM of The Month on your mobile and tablet. Now you can! In fact we have a whole new and updated community and clubs section that you can see and use no matter what device you’re using to play on.

You said you didn’t like seeing promotions on your mobile for games you could only play on your computer. Now all the information you get will be specific to the device you’re playing on. No more wasting time only to find out that game you fancied trying is only on mobile or that a new bingo room is only on your computer.

There were loads of other things you told us too, so we’ve tweaked some of those and are working on even more in the background. We want to make Mecca well and truly top class for every last one of you bingo lovers, so stay in touch with your thoughts and we might just spruce it up a touch more!



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