Six types of friends you need in your life

Blog - Brand - six types of friends - 9 Apr 15Variety is the spice of life! This applies to friends too. So let’s celebrate friendship in all its grand guises because it’s the pick ‘n’ mix pizazz that makes our friendships all the more interesting – through good times or bad, happy or sad.

At Mecca Bingo, we’ve been looking at the different types of friends you know and love. Grab a cuppa and see how many of these you can spot amongst your own group of pals.

A. Straight talking Susie (STS)

Really want to know if your bum looks big in that? Whether your new fella is a keeper? Or need someone to tell the delivery guy your pizza has the wrong toppings? Then Susie’s your girl. STS sure doesn’t mince her words. Though there’ll be days you want the ground to swallow you up when she’s on one, as the years go by, you’ll love her more and more for her honest and direct approach. We all need an STS in our lives.

B. The full-on fashionista (FOF)

You love your full-on fashionista friend, but arranging a catch-up is a bit of a chore. No, not just because of her diary, but because of the agonising decisions you’ll have to make on what to wear of course. When you eventually do catch up, even if you had the perfect designer outfit and a fresh blow-dry (which, let’s face it, you normally don’t…), there’s only one person whose going to win this fashion contest – and love, it ain’t you! Your FOF friend could make a bin liner look a million pounds. But hey, never mind, they’re always around to give you advice on what to wear to Ladies Day at The Grand National.

C. The gossip girl (GG)

When you’ve been stuck in bed with your bad back for a week and are totally out of touch with what’s going on, there’s only one connection you need … speed dial to gossip girl! GG is the ‘always knows everything there is to know about everyone you need to know’ pal. But be careful, no secret is safe with GG! But how else you gonna know if Dave’s back with Charlene? Again?

D. The fitness freak (FF)

You phone FF and all you hear is “Alright Sandra *pant pant pant*, just training for Virgin London Marathon 2015, how’s it going?” “Fine” you say as you brush off the Jaffa Cake crumbs from your growing belly. Okay, so tbh FF is a little annoying. But you need her in your life. When you’re going for that job interview or trying that new weight loss plan, if anyone’s going to motivate you, it’s FF. If anyone’s going to get you out of your comfort zone it’s FF. But for now, ‘nother Jaffa Cake to mull it over?

E. The drama diva (DD)

“OMG!!”… and so it begins! Bring on the stories of the pain, the tears, the anguish, the reactions, and this is just her new pair of heels she’s talking about. What was Mary J Blige talking about needing No More Drama in our lives!? We love it! Thank you DDs everywhere for bringing colour and excitement to our mundane life. Sometimes it even beats Coronation Street.

F. Nurturing Nancy (NN)

“Oh Nancy, can you come over now please?!” It’s a Monday night, you’ve received the dreaded break-up text, work’s not going that well and even worse, there’s nothing left on the wine rack! Who ‘ya gonna call? Nurturing Nancy! And as if by magic she appears with a bottle of merlot, a tub of ice cream and man-sized Kleenex. She listens, ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ in all the right places and hugging like she means it. Thanks NN! Until life’s next calamity, what would we do without you?

So why not celebrate the best there is about your best friends? Enter #MeccaFriends for the chance to win daily Mecca gift vouchers. After all, some friends may be different, but they’re best friends any way, that’s what makes them so special.


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