Tell us your missed moments

Fancy winning a VIP experience to make up for your top missed moment of the last year?

Had to cancel your hen do? Didn’t get to celebrate your best friend’s 30th?

Then we’re here to bring some Mecca magic and make sure you get to enjoy whatever it was that you weren’t able to do.

Simply complete the survey about the special occasions you’ve missed the most during the lock downs and you could be 1 of 5 lucky people to win a VIP experience in one of our clubs, themed around your missed moment.

And don’t worry if you’re not one of our winners, everyone will receive a voucher to bring a friend to a Mecca Bingo for free!*

Your fellow Mecca community would also love to hear what you’ve done to create lasting memories during a year of lock down. Why not join the conversation by commenting below and inspiring others to make what we are all hoping will be the final push, a special one?

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87 thoughts on “Tell us your missed moments

  1. Rita

    I would love to share a moment with my family as I’ve missed going to kid’s birthday it’s a shame everyone has missed out this year hope next years a better one for everyone

  2. Faye Buck

    I would like to be able to celebrate my 40th even tho it was June last year due to lock down I was also recoving from having a C-Section too so that also stopped me from celebrating my big 40

  3. Neil Joesbury

    I missed the friendly staff.

    All staff are really friendly and they go out of there way to help others

  4. Emma hewitt

    I had two lockdown birthdays one of which was my 30th would of been amazing to spend with friends and family

  5. pauline mcphee

    very sad Christmas and new year i dont think it will ever be the same now. We sat thinking my mother~in~law was going to pass away between Christmas eve and Christmas day. But she hung on in there till New years morning.God bless the poor wee soul. Another covid death . x x x

  6. Nicole martin

    I had to cancel my 40th birthday celebration which I then postponed to my 41st birthday. I had to cancel both due to lockdown and restrictions 😢

  7. Louisa bidder

    I lost my Mum during the pandemic but also had a baby, moved into our first home and got a new job. Loved spending some quality time with my family because every minute counts. ❤

  8. Gemma Gallagher

    I missed going for a monthly night out with my mum to bingo, spending time with her having a laugh and winning some money 💴 💰 ♥️

  9. Katie Miller

    Would be absolutely amazing 🤩 since I wasn’t able to have a party 🥳 because of covid and I had to self isolate since April last year I’ve missed my grandson being born and not seen my family both family’s live in north wales and Manchester so I’ve been quite lovely

  10. Natalie Docherty

    i missed my 30th birthday and mother’s day due to the pandemic and having to work in a care home over the pandemic x

  11. Lisa hayward

    My birthday was on mother’s day and as we was in lock down couldn’t spend it with my family and friends

  12. Caroline O'Neill

    I missed celebrating my 40th with my friends. We booked a girl’s holiday to go away which I didn’t do, and we haven’t been able to celebrate since. ☹️

  13. Lisa curson

    Please help give this lady the celebration she deserve after a really rough few years

  14. Vicky meldrum

    We missed my mums 65th birthday and her retirement….also missed my sons 21st and my other sons 18th..

  15. Sherill Grayson

    It should has been party time but only ended up with my little bubble although I enjoyed it. A good night at the bingo would make up for it !!!!

  16. Hazel Brown

    I had planned along weekend of birthday celebrations for my 60th birthday last year and bingo was on my list as well as a meal and day out

  17. JacquelineHamilton Hamilton

    I missed my 60th birthday always celebrate with family and friends at mecca wakefield was so disappointed we stayed in lockdown bright side so glad you’re open mecca wakefield back to new normal 🥰

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