Top ‘Green’ lit Holiday Destinations

It feels like the world is slowly, but surely starting to open back up again, and we think you’ll agree it’s a fantastic feeling! We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and get too excited but it’s great to have something to look forward to.

Here at Mecca we’ve been dreaming about our next holiday destination, wiping the dust off of our nearly forgotten suitcases and that 4am drive to the airport!

Whilst we may not have the freedom of choice, like we once did, here are our top locations that you can actually book to go to right now!


This quirky British Territory, attached to the south of Spain, has received a lot of attention in the press lately and for good reason!

Not only did they handle their Covid cases and patients with great urgency, it really is a home away from home. With the home comforts of Fish n’ Chips, great homely pubs and all our favourite shops. It benefits from 300 days of sunshine a year, has some of the most incredible views of Africa and Spain, and is home to the famous Rock of Gibraltar.

With sightseeing, wild Barbary apes (make sure to hold onto your ice cream!) and some fantastic beaches – it really is a one of a kind holiday destination and that’s why it is top of our list here at Mecca Bingo.


No, we don’t mean the Supermarket. We’ve probably all spent enough time in there stocking up on supplies lately, but the beautiful country Iceland, otherwise known as the land of ‘ice and fire’ and most famous for its long summer days, natural thermal pools and the Northern Lights.

We were shocked to find that this beautiful place was on the Green list, especially as for most of us it has always been a dream destination that we never thought we would actually get to go to. Well now is the chance!

Whether you want to visit the blue lagoon or experience up to 21 hours, YES 21 HOURS of sunlight! Iceland is a guaranteed holiday of a lifetime.

The Caribbean

This one is a no brainer for us here at Mecca as there are so many different Caribbean islands for you to choose from depending on the type of holiday that you want.

The Caribbean can offer you anything from an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic, where you can lay around the pool, drinking Pineapple rum punch from a coconut, to a secluded getaway in the much lesser known Dominica, with its black volcanic sands, treks and hikes and some of the most clear, serene beaches you can only dream of! Or maybe you’re all about the vibrant nightlife, music and food that only Jamaica can offer – there is the holiday of your dreams waiting somewhere in the Caribbean!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our top holiday picks that you can travel to now. Got a few destinations of your own lined up? Let us know! We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got planned!

(Be sure to be responsible and keep a regular check on government advice and what precautions/paperwork you will need before travel – none of us could deal with the disappointment of getting turned away from the airport!)


One thought on “Top ‘Green’ lit Holiday Destinations

  1. Helen Ruscitto

    I want to go home to West Australia to see my children and grand children it has been nearly 2 years since I saw them. I have 7 grandchildren there and I miss them very much. Perth WA can offer so much there is great night life lots of restaurants pubs and the most fantastic beaches all down along the coast.

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