Win a pair of tickets to MeccaFest

Coming to the bright lights of Blackpool on Saturday 30th May, is the bingo party you’ve been waiting for! The highlight of any bingo-lovers’ calendar for 2020, it’s going to be a celeb-packed, prize-filled night of live entertainment, all taking place at Blackpool’s iconic Tower Ballroom.

Here’s the lowdown on what’ll be happening throughout the night, to whet your appetite and get you in the Mecca merry-making mood.

As well as performances and appearances from all the big stars you know and love – we’ve bagged Peter Andre, Sister Sledge, Scott Mills, Rak-su and many more – the event will be hosted by charming TV personality, Joe Swash.

Getting geared up? We haven’t finished yet. You can also win prizes worth up to £100,000 during the night with a banging bingo game and mingle with your fave celeb stars. Plus, there’ll be plenty of fab food and drink on offer to maintain your energy levels and keep you on your game.

Sound good? Glam up, pop your dancing shoes on and let us do the rest. These top tips will help you prepare for this amazing night! Make it a date to remember and one you’ll be telling all your friends about for ages to come.

Fancy coming along? We’re giving away one pair of tickets to this mega night of bingo, so you and your lucky companion can enjoy the event together, as our guests. You’ll get free entry to the event, a hotel room and a contribution towards your travel costs.

Comment below to enter the competition

To be in with a chance of grabbing a pair of Mecca Fest tickets, just tell us why you’d like to go in one sentence! Share your comment, below, to be entered into the draw. The competition will close at 11:59pm on 12th March and the draw will then take place. Good luck!

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104 thoughts on “Win a pair of tickets to MeccaFest

  1. Kira whisken

    I would be extatic to go to mecca fest i am a huge fan of bingo and I play mecca all the time I don’t like any other sites I would really love to see all the celebs that are going I am so desperate to go I never have any luck on the wheel or weekly draws so this would really be the best prize ever thank you

  2. Holly Davies

    I need MeccaFest tickets cos me and my girls are desperate for an awesome night like this! We love Mecca!

  3. Laura Brennan

    Wow wow wow. Would be absolutely buzzing to win tickets to this. I go bingo just to socialise as don5 get out often. It’s hard when your a single mum to 3 kids. It would be good to go let my hair down for 1 night. And the chance to meet Peter Andre oh yeahhh. What a great prize to be won. Thankyou for giving me the chance to enter x

  4. Lisa Middleton

    My daughter didn’t want to be 18 so she could drink or go clubbing all she wanted to do was join Mecca and go to the bingo !!
    I would love to take her to MeccaFest and make her year !!!

  5. Laura

    I would love to win a pair of tickets because I’m a massive fan of bingo and would be a chnage to do something different one but once in a life time opportunity being a mummy to 2 boys with special needs and a care assistant I don’t get much time myself so it would be a great feeling and a never forgetful experience

  6. Allison hunter-dennehy

    I’d like the free tickets for the Meccafest so I can put my bingo prowess to the test.

  7. Sarah Rutherford

    I’d love to win a pair of tickets because I am on the crew and would love my Sisters to join me and party at Mecca Fest with me, we could all use a weekend of laughs together as it’ll be like the old days when we were young and child free!

  8. Amanda-Jayne Miller

    Its my 30th birthday on the 30th May and Blackpool is my hometown where all my family and friends are.

  9. Zoe willcox

    Mecca fest will be the best better than all the rest, so I need to go in the best dress Ready to impress!

  10. Florian Bunes

    I’d like to go with my mate because every year we drive about 1500 miles with a car through Europe only to visit Mecca Bingo Blackpool – seriously no joking…

  11. Tracey Hall

    Id like to take my mum as she looks after my children and 2 disabled people at home. All so i can go out to work. Without her id be nothing.

  12. Emma Cresswell

    I would love to win this as I Would love to meet rak su, I’m a HUGH fan, same as my mom who would come along with me ❤️

  13. Hannah ruddock

    In very much need of a night out with the mother after the stressful time we continue to have!!

  14. Claire

    I would really like a pair ov MECCA fest tickets because I think this is a fab competition and would really love to come


    I have been a loyal member of Mecca for well over 40 years, land and on-line bingo, I will be 70 year’s of age on 19th March and would love to go this event with my sister Patricia who has had a really bad time in the last few months with illness and family problems and something like this would lift her spirits tremendously. Thank you Mecca x

  16. Katie Robinson

    I would love to come to this to see all the amazing celebs and hopefully win some money

  17. Mandy kane

    I would love to win this as to give to my 2 friends as it’s one of there bithdays and I will be on holiday myself and wouldn’t be able to go ! So would be a great surprise for them both as they love bingo .

  18. Kayleigh white

    Because I’ve been advertising this promotion since it’s launch! I’d love to report on the night from the inside!

  19. Ellen McGowan

    I would love to win this it looks like it’s doing to be a great night would take my friend Betty plenderlieth with me thanks

  20. Nichola Hamilton

    Blackpool ballroom is big Blackpool ballroom is round pick me to win meccafest Tickets and I will come and boogie on down 💃

  21. Darren clifford

    Blackpool and Mecca fest need me there so that I can prove to Sister Sledge that Mecca has “the greatest Dancers!!’

  22. Andrea Lowe

    Id love a pair of tickets so me and my sister can go and have some quality sister time, after all it was her who introduced me to the joys of Mecca bingo.

  23. Sandra Al-Mudhafer

    I would love to win tickets for this special night. I would take my sister because she is always there for me and always comes with me if I need to do anything and she never questions me x

  24. Rachel Harper

    I literally have no nights out planned, so this would be a great, fun and entertaining night, to look forward to!

  25. Sylvia thornton

    I would love to win a pair of tickets and would take my 67 year old mom she loves bingo and hasn’t had a little break away in a long time so would be lovely for a treat for her to get away even just for a night doing something she really enjoys

  26. Maria Capel

    I would love to win and take my best friend, Bev (Childzee). We celebrate 30 years of friendship this year and have been through so much together. Births, marriages, sadly some deaths, tears and heartache. She helped me through breast cancer and always manages to out a smile on my face no matter what life throws at us, I love her so much. And now that she is getting over a very stressful time,I would love to give her something wonderful to smile about. We would have so much fun and add to our amazing memory bank!
    Please let us have a paid of tickets, Mecca, my favourite bingo site ever!! 😁

  27. Susan bass

    I would love to win tickets for this exciting looking night ,I am privalidged to be coming as my sister’s other guest and would love to win tickets for my very kind great nephew and niece ,they are driving us down to the event and home ,it would be super fab if they could join us on the inside too x

  28. Jessica Goddard

    I think I should go to Mecca Fest because I love Mecca bingo and I would take my mum with me as it’s her birthday today.

  29. Chloe pratt

    Me and my friend enjoy going to bingo we go all the time it’s a weekly thing that we do together we would love to go to Mecca fest as we absolutely love going to bingo and this would be so much fun to do as good friends together

  30. Sonja James

    I got to go to the last mecca do in blackpool had the best time ever and myself and my husband would absolutely love to come to the mecca fest it looks amazing. And would be nice as a bday treat for me xx

  31. Jeanette easton

    If I won I would take my husband. He can’t keep up with the numbers because of is eyes but it doesn’t matter to him. It’s the atmosphere the mecca as he goes for

  32. Richard Dockerty

    Myself and my wife both work for the Nhs it would be lovley to book time off together and enjoy some time just for us to make some memorys together as we do work hard and time of normally at different days of the week to help with childcare are spent catching up with food shopping cleaning fingers crossed and thanks for the chance to enter

  33. Richard Dockerty

    Myself and my wife both work for the Nhs it would be lovley to book time off together and enjoy some time just for us to make some memorys together as we do work hard and time of normally at different days of the week to help with childcare are spent catching up with food shopping cleaning fingers crossed and thanks for the chance to enter

  34. Beverley childs

    My friend ladyhayz and I was lucky enough to win tickets for the Mecca stars in London and we had such a wonderful time Mecca’s hospitality was second to none. It was one of the best memorable weekends we have shared in our 30 years of friendship .. I would love to take my amazing friend to Blackpool and build some more happy memories …

  35. Richard Dockerty

    Myself and my wife both work for the Nhs it would be lovley to book time off together and enjoy some time just for us to make some memorys together as we do work hard and time of normally at different days of the week to help with childcare are spent catching up with food shopping cleaning fingers crossed and thanks for the chance to enter

  36. Amber Watts

    my best friend deserves the very best & to be able to win tickets and take her to Mecca fest would be amazing! We go to bingo every week, she will always be my bingo wife 🤍

  37. Diane

    Blackpool is my home town I was born and bred here and if there’s a small chance of winning a pair of tickets for the biggest bash in town I would love it to be me , I could also meet new friends which was awesome when I went to the Mecca celebrity hotel , I have done everything possible to be in it to win it online , so here’s hoping I’m lucky!

  38. Kirstie nicol

    Would love to win a pair its mines and hubby’s anniversary very soon and would be a lovely treat for us to have, I’ve recently went back to work after 8 months maternity leave so would love the chance of tickets looks like it’s going to be a brilliant event

  39. Sarah norton

    Would love to win this for me and my mum we love Blackpool and we always go to the mecca in Blackpool when we visit we r just bk from Blackpool last week where we had a ball .

  40. Kim Wyche

    Me and my sister Gillian use bingo as our monthly catch up session, but I’ve been deployed with the military since November last year and don’t get back til early May – a night out to MeccaFest at the end of May will definitely make up for all the missed months and time apart 🥰👌😬 x

  41. Carl Duckling

    I would love to go as myself and my wife have attended various mecca events which we both loved and this would be a fantastic way to treat my hardworking wife.

  42. Nicola Andrews

    I have had a really tough few years due to health reasons and money has been tough, I have just also recently lost my Nan who I was really close to which I’m struggling to come to terms with.
    This would really be the perfect treat to cheer me up and would mean the world to me if I won, would be like winning the lottery to me!
    Thank you for the chance to win ❤️

  43. Jacqueline whitfield

    I’d like to go because I have ms my husbands due a mecca good time after 18yrs of caring for my needs

  44. Amanda gilbank

    My partner is 55 in May would be a great night out as he’s bingo mad and he deserves this treat 😊😊😊

  45. Abbigayle Buckham

    To let my hair down for the night as I have been working so hard doing 5/6 nights a week due to short staffing within the NHS, I look after patients who are at the end of their life.

  46. Kerry ferns

    Who wouldn’t love bingo I do it’s great that was my night out once a month with my best friend. As I had a control freak for a bf but not no more 😁

  47. Lynne michele watson

    I would love to win these tickets and meet some of the roomies who are amazing people as well as having loads of fun at blackpool which is a place I love to go and it would be a fantastic dream to win these mecca fest tickets as I love playing on mecca met loads of lovely people and the chat hosts are amazing must admit cathy is me favourite coz she is mecca to me she part of fixtures and fittings like me lol

  48. Angela bagshaw

    I would love to win this for myself and my sister in law she has been such a support to me during my loss of my dear mum who i have looked after for the last 14 years a night out would do us both the world of good 😍😍

  49. Angela bagshaw

    I would love to win this for myself and my sister in law she has been such a support to me during my loss of my dear mum who i have looked after for the last 14 years a night out would do us both the world of good 😍😍

  50. Christian Hill

    It would be an absolutely incredible night and a night which would remain in my memory forever!

  51. yvonne king

    I would love 2 win because it will b my birthday on 11 may the big 60 & my sister coming all the way from America so it would b great 2 have a fun night away with her i dont seen 2 have any luck at the bingo back in glasgow so might have better luck down at Blackpool i think it been that long i dont think i remember what 2 shout good luck all

  52. Christian Hill

    This would be an incredible experience and a night I would remember fondly forever!

  53. Cara

    I would love to win as work all time in a hospital and need a bit down time now with great friends also love Blackpool ut is a great place and a great atmosphere at all times

  54. Martin Hawkes

    I would love to win some tickets because I cannot go to your online site or win them at Dagenham Club. So it would great to win them.

  55. Sharon dodd

    I am a student nurse, always studying and looking after others, never time for myself. Would love to come to let my hair down and dance the night away.

  56. Michael Walsh

    I’ve had a really hard few months lately. I lost my home and my job all at the same time. I’m still out of work but luckily staying with family. I have very little money and really miss going out and playing bingo likes I used to. A night out and some fun would really make my life a little easier at the moment and just be able to enjoy myself.

  57. Lesley Jackson

    If I won I would gift them to my grandson and his lovely girlfriend (both also members)who has had a terribly traumatic time of late with family illness.

  58. Rosie O'Brien

    I would take my mate if I won to have time to relax and enjoy time out that is well needed

  59. Diane

    My birthday on the 25th would be a lovely birthday present love mecca .and love blackpool .gle1 and wd if you win this fab prize x

  60. Nicola duncan

    The thought of all of this is so exciting, I could only imagine winning in my dreams lol, I look after my granddaughters when my daughter works, I also have a 21 year old daughter with Autism,ADHD,Fragile X Syndrome and learning difficulties and I’m also a foster carer and never get me time. To win this would be amazing as I love going to my local Mecca hall whenever i can get the time but this would be a dream come true.

  61. Maria Capel

    Hey Bev!.. How amazing would this be?!!.. We had such a great time in London, would be fantastic if we were lucky enough to go to Blackpool! 😍

  62. Joanne

    My gran has vascular dementia and we are trying to take her to loads of things as we dont know how long she has left. She absolutely loves bingo and we go to Blackpool all the time.

  63. Abigail Cunningham

    I would like to take my brother to Mecca Fest in Blackpool. We go to bingo every Sunday night together and I look forward to our weekly catch up and night out. I’m really proud of him and the strength and determination that he has shown this year. It would be a lovely experience for both of us 🤞

  64. Sacsha

    I would take my mum if she was well enough, 18 months ago we was told she wouldn’t make it through the night and we are still making memories now, strongest woman I know!

  65. Laura Staunton

    I’ve never been to Blackpool, love the guests and am available and don’t have anything better to do with myself :p

  66. Jean marsh

    Hi Mecca I would so love to go to the Mecca feast in Blackpool, I have been to the Mecca in Leeds and tried to win tickets , but no luck yet, I would love take my daughter , she has a couple of years of illness and it would really cheers us both up , thank you !

  67. Kameel Towler

    I love playing Bingo and haven’t been for quite a while because I am on my pension and pences are tight Good luck guys xXx

  68. Jacqueline Rutherford

    It would be MAGICAL to celebratewith My bestest friend MAVIS of 56 years to the MAGIC MECCA FESTIVAL ✨🎉.

  69. Colette Jevons

    I would love to take my sister as we lost our niece and she was like a daughter to my sister she took it really bad and I think this might cheer her up a bit time away so she can think of something else

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