The X Factor Launch

The eleventh series of The X Factor was launched to the press last night and we were lucky enough to be able to squeeze in so we can let you know all about it ahead of the first episode on Saturday. 


We are super excited to see Cheryl and Simon back on the judging panel and they all agreed it was like Cheryl has never been away. Dermot was happy to assure everyone that all four of the judges got on really well this year but he did remind us that for the moment they’re all still playing for the same team and that the playing dirty starts with the live shows. He also confirmed what we’ve all been thinking, Louis is the dirtiest of them all!


When Gary was a judge he was dead against the awful, comedy auditions but we can promise you that they’re definitely back this series. Simon said just showing good auditions would be boring and that he loves the bad auditions. Also, a lot of people wanted to know if being a dad has changed his judging style in any way. He assured us that it definitely hasn’t, in fact he said “If you have someone rubbish come in, just because you’ve got a baby, you’re not going to suddenly say they’re good!” We’re glad nothing’s changed Simon. 


As well as getting to see the judges (apart from Mel B – she’s in America at the minute) and Dermot chat about the auditions process so far we also got a chance to see some highlights of the first two shows and we’re telling you now; cancel all your plans for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday nights’ episodes are going to be excellent. There are some brilliant auditionees and we’re already desperate to know who you love already!


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