10 things to do in autumn

autumn lovers

When the temperature drops and the nights draw in, it can mean only one thing: autumn is here!
Take a look at our top 10 things to do in Autumn:

Dig out your cozy jumpers

It’s time to dig out your snuggly hoodies and cozy jumpers. The colder weather means that it’s time to put that bikini body away and we couldn’t be happier about covering up. From chunky knitted cardigans to patterned blanket wraps, we love our casual and comfy autumn wardrobe.

Make hot chocolate

The best thing about cold days? Hot drinks! There’s nothing better than snuggling down to watch the soaps with a giant mug of hot chocolate! Make a luxury version of your coffee chain favourite by melting a packet of milk chocolate buttons into hot milk. Top with mini marshmallows and a mountain of squirty cream! *drools*

Accessorise with bobble hats and mittens

There’s no need to spend hours on your hair in autumn, just put on a bobble hat with a giant pompom and you’re ready to go! We love matching scarves and mittens too.

Update your makeup bag

Autumn is a great time to give your makeup bag a once over ready for the upcoming Christmas party season. Ditch the summery pastels and light glosses and go bold with darker colours. Make sure that anything in there isn’t past its best. Most cosmetics have a 6 – 12 month lifespan. Look for the symbol of a pot with a lid on the packaging – the number inside is how many months the product is good for once it has been opened.

Kick through fallen leaves

Yellows, golds and browns all around. There’s just a small window between lush green trees and naked branches – and we love it. You can’t beat walking through the park and kicking at the crisp fallen leaves on the ground. Pull on your wellies and take the dog / your partner / your next door neighbour’s cousin’s best friend for a lovely autumn stroll!

Celebrate Halloween

All the best holidays happen in autumn and winter. First up there’s Halloween, where we can get into the spirit of things by carving pumpkins and decorating the house with all kinds of creepy-cool paraphernalia. We’ve also got an excuse to stock the cupboards with loads of sweets and chocolate. It’s totally for the trick or treaters….

Enjoy Bonfire night

Remember, remember the fifth of November! Bonfire Night is one of the greatest British traditions and we love getting wrapped up and watching fireworks with the family. Along with scoffing toffee apples, parkin cake and toasting marshmallows, writing our names across the black sky with sparklers is one of our favourite Autumn traditions.

Arrange some big nights in

Staying in is the new going out! We love autumn because you can legitimately get into your PJs and dressing gown at 7pm. Binge watch a new series, enjoy a movie marathon or settle down for a few games of online bingo – everything you need is at home sweet home!

Get baking

It might have cooled down outside, but it’s definitely getting hotter in the kitchen! Autumn is the perfect time to get back to baking. We can’t wait to start practicing our festive bakes and love cheering up a rainy Sunday by creating tasty cakes, pies and crumbles.

Stock up on scented candles

With the windows locked tight to keep the draughts out, we can fill our homes with the delicious aromas of spiced apples, blackberries and vanilla cookies. There’s just something magical about the twinkling of a scented candle and we can’t get enough of them.


10 thoughts on “10 things to do in autumn

  1. claire

    i love baking heart warming goodies for my family and stocking up on candles i love my nights in ts not a safe place going out at night anymore nothing better than being snuggled up in ya cozies with a hot chocolate playing mecca having a bonfire night with my mum and kids and their partners my jumpers are out and ready just gotta get my boots to kick through the leaves as long as its with my family a bonfire hot sarsprella and jacket potatos cooking all wrapped up watching grandkids in their woolie hats and mitts then coming in and settleing down to playing mecca and chatting to the roomies if their in a good mood lol im a single mum been on my own for years now busy being a full time carer for my mum and my disabled daughter and my son has aspergers and autisum and epilepsy so never a dull moment but wouldnt change a thing win big roomies

  2. Rachael Partington

    Celebrate halloween and bonfire night with the kids and grandson, Cosy nights in listening to the wind howl all snuggled up and when the kids are all settled playing bingo and some of my favourite slots on mecca with a nice milky hot chocolate bliss 👌

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