Behind the Scenes : Making our TV adverts

Behind the scenes of Mecca TV ads

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should have seen our fab, new TV adverts.

Because everyone’s getting entertained at, people who are normally in the public eye are going unnoticed. So, what do they do when nobody’s watching?

In this special blog, we take you behind the scenes and show you just how (un)glamourous TV shoots can be!

When nobody’s watching, reality TV stars probably let rip!

The first advert shows the gorgeous Sam relaxing in a pool. As soon as she finds out that everyone’s too busy playing online bingo to tune in to her glamourous life, she lets rip an incredible trump!

While it might look like our actress is having a lovely time in an exotic location, the reality is very different!

Sun, sand and freak storms

The Mecca team and film crew headed off to Mallorca to shoot this ad in some warm winter sun, but just our luck, we got caught in a cold snap, and a freak storm battered the island with wind and rain! You can see in the pic below where there’s an industrial heater blowing warm air on to Sam to keep her goose-bumps at bay. Look at the crew sporting cosy jackets and beanie hats in the background.

Being a total professional, Sam didn’t flinch, even though she was shivering between shots.

As soon as we got the footage we needed, she dried off and wrapped up warm, under the watchful eye of our welfare team.

FIMLING FACT: While the ad is only a few seconds long, we had to do tons of takes because the ‘fart machine’ didn’t always release enough bubbles. Getting the timing right was crucial, but this specialist piece of machinery was the most demanding cast member to work with!

When nobody’s watching, pig-wielding fashion influencers do the unspeakable!

Our second advert shows an animal-loving Insta-celeb at home in her kitchen. When she realises that more people are spinning slots than paying attention to her pampered piglet, she fries up some sausages!

Also shot in Mallorca during the same week, we were lucky to have the shelter of a studio for the second ad. There were two piglets on set who were chaperoned by their farmer owners. They were perfectly behaved at all times… until the cameras started rolling!

Mia, who played our social media influencer, was a total gem – coping very well when one of the adorable piglets had a bit of an accident down her shirt!

FILMING FACT: The sausages used on the shoot were vegan sausages. No animals were harmed in any way!

What do you think of our ads? If all your friends were too busy getting entertained at, what would you do in secret? Tell us in the comments or on social media.


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