Bingo lingo: A guide to bingo terms and slang

Bingo Lingo terminology - bingo terms and slang

If you’re new to bingo and have found yourself totally bamboozled by strange acronyms in a bingo chatroom, don’t worry – we’re here to help you out!

Our ‘bingo lingo’ guide explains the most common bingo chat terms and talks you through the abbreviations you might see on screen. We also decipher some of the online slang you might see your fellow roomies using during online bingo games.

Read on to immerse yourself in the world of bingo so you can make friends and play with more confidence. GL and TTYL!

The most common bingo terms

Here are some of the most common phrases you’ll come across when playing online bingo and what they mean:

75 ball / 90 ball

This refers to how many numbers the game is played with. 75 ball games have tickets consisting of 5×5 grid and 90 ball games have tickets with 3 rows of 9 numbers. Our bingo guide for beginners blog includes more details on the different types of games available.

Bingo board

This is where you can view the numbers that are called out.

Bingo lobby

The is the area online where you can see all the bingo games that are available to play. You can pick which room you want to play in and buy advance tickets from the bingo lobby.


An abbreviation for chat host, which is the person that welcomes you into a game of online bingo, ensures that the chat room remains friendly, and makes sure everyone follows the rules.

Chat name

Your chat name is the name that will show to other roomies. Pick something fun, but, for security, never include personal details like your date of birth.

Chat game

These are fun games played in the chat room during or between online bingo games. Some are just for fun, but you can also win cash and other prizes.


This is the special marker used to ‘dab’ or mark off the numbers on your bingo ticket. In many games of online bingo, you can customise the shape and colour of your virtual dabber!

Eyes down

The caller says this when the game is about to start, to remind you to look at your ticket.

Early bird game

This is usually the term that bingo clubs use to describe the first session of the day. These games are often quieter, and the tickets are sold separately to main session books.


Another name for bingo tickets, which refers to the paper versions used in club.

Free space

The empty square in the middle of a 5×5 bingo ticket.

Full house

When you mark all the numbers on your ticket.

Lights out

The term for the last bingo game of the night.


When you’re one away from winning, you’re ‘on’.

Postage stamp

When you get a winning set of four squares in one of the corners of your bingo ticket.

Progressive jackpot

A jackpot that grows as people buy more tickets for the game.


Other online bingo players in the chat room that you’re playing alongside.

Online bingo chat acronyms and what they mean

When you play bingo online, there are a bunch of acronyms you’ll notice other players typing in the chatrooms. These are the ones to look out for and what they stand for:

1TG/ 2TG – ‘TG’ stands for ‘to go’ – relating to how many numbers you have left to cross off before winning a prize. 1TG means you are only waiting for 1 number to be called and 2TG means that you have 2 left to cross off. In some games, you can still win a prize if you only have 1TG when full house has been called.

AFC – Away from computer. Handy to use if you need to nip away for a few minutes.

AFK – Away from keyboard. Another way to say that you’ll be back.

AFAIK – As far as I know. Used after a statement to express belief or an understanding.

ASAP – As soon as possible. A common term used across everyday life.

B4 – Before. The 4 is used to represent the ‘fore’ sound of before.

BBL – Be back later. Use this acronym to let your roomies know that you have to go away but will be back for more fun!

BBL8R – Be back later. Similar to the above but using the full acronym for ‘later’ – L8R.

BBS – Be back soon. (We hope so!)

BF – Boyfriend. A shorthand way to refer to the man in your life.

BFF – Best Friend Forever. Who’s your bingo BFF?

BIAM – Back in a minute. Use when the kettle has just boiled!

BLNT – Better luck next time. A great way to offer commiserations to your fellow players. A new game is seconds away – fingers crossed for a win!

BRB – Be right back. Another shorthand way to let your roomies know that you can’t reply to the conversation for a few moments.

BTW – By the way. There are lots more acronyms to read if you keep scrolling BTW.

COI – Come on in. sometimes used by Chat Hosts and other players to welcome new players to the chat room.

CH – Chat Host. You will often see this abbreviation in front of the Chat Host’s name so you know who is looking after the roomies.

CU – See you. Not if I see you first!

CYA – See ya. A cute way to say goodbye.

CYAL8R – See ya later. (Alligator!)

DM – A direct message. This is a private message between you and the Chat Host or you and another roomie. PM for Private message could also be use.

FAQ – Frequently asked question.

FB – Facebook. Have you liked us on Facebook?

FFH – For full house.

FH – Full house. This is when all the numbers on your bingo card are crossed off.

FYI – For your information. Just so you know!

GF – Girlfriend. A shorthand way to refer to the lady in your life.

GG – Good going or good game. Often used to congratulate winners or said in general appreciation.

GGA – Good game all. Used at the end of a game to address all the other players.

GL – Good luck. One of our faves! It’s nice to wish everyone in the room good luck before the game starts. The CH might even send a magical sprinkling of good luck fairy dust through the keyboard!

GLA – Good luck all. Another great acronym that will help you to make friends. It’s nice to be nice!

GLAC – Good luck all close. If a few roomies have 1TG or 2TG, it’s nice to wish them luck. Even if you’re not winning, the next few calls could change everything. Our community is one of the friendliest in bingo land and we love to support each other.

GLE – Good luck everyone. Another way to lift spirits and show other roomies that you are sending them good vibes.

GM – Good morning. Best used before midday!

GMTA – Great minds think alike. Use this when you and another roomie say the same thing.

GN – Good night. If you’re leaving to go to bed, you can use GN to sign off for the evening.

GTSY – Good to see you. OK, we know you can’t ‘see’ people strictly speaking, but this is a nice greeting to use when a roomie you know enters the room.

HAGD – Have a good day. A short form way to send someone good wishes.

HAGE – Have a good evening.

HB – Hurry back. You’ll be missed!

HHIS – Hanging head in shame. Have you done something silly? Did you make a blunder? Use this acronym to show other roomies how you feel about the situation!

IC – I see.

ICYMI – In case you missed it. This chat acronym often follows important information or announcements.

IDK – I don’t know.

IMHO – In my honest opinion. Use this when you want to express something you feel strongly about. Be respectful of your fellow roomies though, we all come from different places and have different experiences.

IMO – In my opinion. It’s fine to have opinions but be respectful of your fellow roomies who might have different thoughts to you.

IRL – In real life.

IYKWIM – If you know what I mean. Well, now you know what this bingo acronym means, IYKWIM?

JK – Just kidding. Everyone loves a good laugh!

JMO – Just my opinion.

JTLYK – Just to let you know. “I’ve got to nip out for some milk but I’ll BRB, JTLYK”

JP – Jackpot. The JP acronym is often used when talking about jackpot prizes that can be won in addition to standard bingo wins. There are many jackpot games on offer at Mecca, the most common bingo jackpots are Maxi Ball Booster and Mega Ball Booster. We have a huge variety of jackpot slot games too.

KK – Ok, cool. The two Ks come from shortening OK, OK.

L8R – Later. The number 8 in the middle substitutes for the ‘ate’ sound in L-ate-r.

LMAO – Laughing my ass off. Something really tickled you? Use this acronym to explain how hard you are giggling!

LOL – Laughing out loud. Haha!

LTNS – Long time no see. You might see CHs using this when a roomie that has been away for a while comes back.

LY – Love you. Aww we LY2!

NP – No problem. We’re always happy to help!

NSFW – Not safe for work.

NT – Nearly there. This bingo chat acronym might be used when almost all the balls have been called and there still isn’t a winner. This lets the roomies know that someone is going to win very soon.

NW – No worries. Just like NP. An acronym to let the person you are speaking to know that there’s no need to stress.

NVM – Nevermind. You can use this term when you’ve asked a question but no longer need the answer. “NVM, I’ve found the promo page!”

OAR – On a roll. Experiencing a bit of a lucky streak? You could be said to be OAR!

OIC – Oh, I see. Lightbulb moment! The mist has cleared, now I understand, your explanation makes perfect sense… all of these reactions can be surmised with these three letters.

OMG – Oh my goodness. Used to express shock, awe and wonder! E.g. “OMG I just won the Maxi cash climber JP!”

OOO – Out of office. Not in work? You lucky thing! Enjoy your time off by having some fun playing bingo with us!

OTOH – On the other hand.

PLZ / PLS – Please. Short, but still polite! Manners maketh the man!

PM – Private message. See DM above.

PMSL – Peed myself laughing. We’ve all laughed that little bit too hard!

PPL – People.

QD – Quick draw.

ROFL – Rolling on the floor laughing. Another chat acronym that shows other roomies that you have found what they have said so hilarious, you are unable to control yourself and have therefore ended up on the floor, rolling about in a fit of hysteria.

SO – Significant other. That lucky someone who you share your life with.

SMH – Shaking my head.

SOHF – Sense of humour failure. Did you miss the joke? Let your roomies know there are no hard feelings by telling them you had a SOHF.

SRY – Sorry. Oopsie, my bad!

SWL – Screaming with laughter.

SYS – See you soon. Could also be expressed a CU soon.

TC – Take care. Show other roomies you care with this short and sweet chat term.

TIA – Thanks in advance. You might see this chat term if someone asks the chat host for help. They could say something like “Can you tell me when the escalator jackpot games start? TIA.”

TMI – Too much information. Somebody announcing a toilet break in the chat? “TMI @ Luv2Win!” – just say you’ll BRB next time, LOL!

TPTB – The powers that be. Whoever ‘they’ are, you can use this acronym to describe them.

TTFN – Ta ta for now.

TTYL – Talk to you later. Speak to you soon.

TX – Thanks.

TY – Thank you. Always remember your manners! As granny used to say, “It costs nothing to be polite!”

TYVM – Thank you very much. Show extra appreciation with this common online chat term.

U2 – You too. Not to be confused with the Irish rock band. Unless you are talking about the Irish rock band…!

UL – Unlucky. You can’t win ‘em all!

WB – Welcome back. Been away? You might see this acronym on your return to the chat room.

WD – Well done. Used lots of times at the end of the game.

WDW – Well done, winner. Used to congratulate the winner(s) of the game.

WTG – Way to go. A slightly more excited way to express congratulations!

WTH – What the heck?!

WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get.

XOXO – Hugs and kisses. The Xs are the kisses, representing the shape your lips make when you pucker up and the Os are the hugs, representing your arms as they go all the way around the other person!

YAW – You’re a winner. Woohoo! Congratulations.

YSR – Yeah, sure… right! An chat acronym to express disbelief. Can be used in response to statements such as: “I’ve only had one chocolate biscuit today.”

YW – You’re welcome. A friendly response to TY!

With all these terms, you’ll be ready to dive into the chat, take part in the fab and fun games and make lots of new friends when you next play online bingo.

We’re here to help you keep it fun – remember to set your deposit limit. Click here for more details on the safer gambling tools available including reality checks and the ability to take a break from your gaming.


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