Take the British Pie Week Quiz now!

The week that all of us Brits have been waiting for is finally upon us – It’s British Pie Week! Running from 1st March to 7th March, this week truly is one of our favourites.

What better time to get experimenting in the kitchen with different fillings, pastries, sauces… the list goes on. It’s making us hungry just thinking about it.

Why not take the Quiz below to get some inspiration for what is bound to be an exciting and ‘filling’ week.

We would love to hear your results and pics of all those delicious pies that will be created this week. So drop us a comment or post on Mecca Bingo Facebook for us all to see!


4 thoughts on “Take the British Pie Week Quiz now!

  1. Ashleigh skillen

    My favourite pie is chicken pie r mince beef n onion. Has to have gravy over it.

  2. Jacqueline murdoch

    that steak has my name on it i would have it with mash an plenty veg an a couple of roast plus use all veg juice for my gravy my mouth is watering now .

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