How to Set Up a Mecca Bingo Playing Schedule

Do you enjoy playing bingo or online slots that are enormous fun, but find that with all the activities on your schedule, you keep missing out on your favourite games? Not to worry, we have a solution! We’ve put together information that can help you make the most of the time you have to unwind with the games of your choice. Grab a cuppa and let’s get into it!

Prioritise me-time

  Most of us have more than a few things on our plate each day. There’s work, study or childcare, getting in a bit of exercise, shopping, preparing meals, seeing to housework, and the list goes on. It’s easy to feel pulled in a million directions and even easier to start thinking that we should be accomplishing it all. What we can so easily forget to do is prioritise our me-time – that bit of space we have in the day to do the things that help us to relax and recharge our batteries.

We’re always at our best when we’re content, focused and enjoying life. If you find that when you play bingo online you’ve managed to get away from the daily grind for just a while, had a natter with fellow players in a chat room and returned to your life feeling calm and energised, then set aside some time to indulge in these feel-good activities. You can use scheduling to get the most out of your time online. Here’s how.

Set up a play schedule

Even if you aren’t particularly good at time-keeping, most people manage to stick to time-sensitive activities in the course of a day. Whether you go about it in an informal way or prefer a system that carefully records each and every time commitment, scheduling is an important part of life.

Use your rudimentary or highly-developed scheduling skills to put aside time to enjoy a spot of online bingo or your favourite slots. This is your me-time remember, so have a look at time commitments, those of your family or friends (if you have housemates) and avoid any schedule conflicts that could turn the time you spend online from me-time to stress-time.

Since we’re king of the best bingo sites in the UK, Mecca Bingo has a solution for you! We’ve set up an easy-to-use schedule so you can immediately see the bingo times of each game that take place morning, afternoon and evening. This way, you can decide where to play and when.

 Take a break when you need to

Living in a tech-forward world means we spend increasing amounts of time looking at screens when we’re both at work and play. While online sites have given UK bingo the shot-in-the-arm that it needed to bring more recreational pleasure to so many players who might not have been able to access traditional bingo halls or community centres, we can find ourselves spending many hours each day looking at a screen.

Take time to get up and move away from your smartphone or computer screen at least every couple of hours. And look out for the negative effects of excessive screen time that we’ve listed below. Put a plan in place that can help you move away from your screens for a while – whether this is taking your dog to the park, going for a walk around the neighbourhood or preparing a favourite snack or healthy meal.

 Look out for:

  • Pain in the back, neck, hips or legs
  • Headaches and eye strain
  • Feelings of anxiety
  • Loneliness or depression
  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Decreased physical activity

Setting up a bingo schedule can help you to keep track of your screen time and also means that you’ll always be on time to play all the exciting sessions and special games there are in store for you!

Easily plan your games at Mecca Bingo

We have an almost endless variety of games for you to enjoy 24/7 whenever your schedule allows. So it’s easy to always find some fabulous fun that will fit perfectly into your plans no matter when you’d like to play; jumping in and joining the action couldn’t be simpler. 

We’re where the best games are happening, the most fun, and the biggest wins, whether you choose bingo, online slots or Slingo (a combination of the two), online scratchcards or live casino classics – you’ll find it all on our site. Join us for all the schedule-packed action!


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