Diamond Decades: 90s Britpop

Britpop was not just any music movement… it was our youth, our culture! If you fancy some nostalgia, then trust us you’ll be walking down memory lane in no time. Taking elements from British Rock History and stressing cultural identities. From the ladies of Elastica to the studs setting trends for gents in Menswear, they all had something different to keep us entertained!

In this edition of Diamond Decades, we are taking the step back to enjoy the major events and true artists of 90s Britpop! Join us in this throwback to the 90s!


Speaking of Britpop, the name Pulp goes without saying. The band, led by the witty Jarvis Cocker started back in the 80s when their fanbase didn’t stretch that far. But when they released Different Class, they gained widespread recognition. Forget about last-minute bookings since their concerts would go house-full in just days of announcement.


Scruffy lads who brought in the swagger and arrogance with them! The band from Manchester were surely masters of their craft since they managed to emerge as the biggest band on the planet. We can’t wait to get back in the pub to recreate all of those nights, screaming Wonderwall at the top of our lungs, pint in hand. Wonderwall has an astounding 324M views on YouTube, we bet that number is going to get a lot higher post lockdown!

Oasis may not have been the only band to venture into Britpop but it’s fair to say they were leaders of that music revolution! Noel knew how to write a hit and Liam was gifted a divine voice. They stood out of their eras, defined a generation, and went for records that would sum up a youth culture!


All hail the pop-rockers from Oxford who signed to ‘Parlophone records’ and produced the Labels biggest selling debut album since The Beatles. Now, you can’t easily rival The Beatles, but when you do… you are among the best for sure. Their song, “Alright” became an anthem of the era. And an anthem we are sure you can still along to, to this day!

The Greatest Battle Of Britpop History!

We know it, scandals would catapult the fame of celebrities even more. Blur’s rivalry with Oasis made sure to tick that box as well. Blur and Oasis were at loggerheads going nose to nose to even an extent of releasing their singles, Roll With It and Country House on the same day!

Who made it victorious out of this clash of fame? Well, Blur might have fought the hardest battle in pop history, ending up in their favour. But it is often believed that Oasis lost the fight but won the war. Their album, “What’s The Story” became one of the defining British albums of the 90s.

We hope this post has brought back some fond memories, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t have a 90s Britpop playlist on in the background right now! Which of these bands were your favourite? What was your favourite song? A favourite memory from that time. Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. Shonagh

    I loved all of them ❤️ Blur were (and still are!) my favourites..particularly loved Damon Albarn 😍 the best times!

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