Live from Studio M: What’s it all about?

Another lockdown is well underway across the nation, so we figured everyone needed a little pick me up and if you know Mecca (which we hope you do) then you’ll know that we can’t resist an excuse to bring you top notch entertainment. So, say hello to Live from Studio M, a brand new nightly live show like no other.

Live from Studio M will be coming to your living room (or wherever you like to join in) via Mecca TV and there’ll be tonnes of bingo, live giveaways, celebrity guests and the bit we know you’re most excited for… loads of cash prizes!

Each evening will be live streamed via Facebook for the first 15 mins and then into your favourite bingo rooms (Rollercoaster, The Main Event and Penny Lane) every Monday – Saturday through February (because everyone needs a little rest on Sundays) from 8pm to 10pm. Each evening is guaranteed to be jam-packed with different games and themes such as soaps, music, TV and Film.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Mecca show without tonnes of incredible prizes to be won and there will be the chance to pocket up to £1,500 each night through a variety of games, quizzes, karaoke and fun – live on air.

To take part in the live shows for the chance to win amazing prizes, all you need to do is listen out for the special bingo code which we’ll be dishing out throughout the shows and in the bingo rooms. Once you’ve got the code, enter it in the bingo room and stay really close to your phone (and make sure it’s on loud) as we could be giving you a call to play along LIVE on Mecca TV for the chance to win fabulous prizes!

Oh, and of course this means that you should make sure your telephone number is up to date in your account because we’d hate for you to miss out because of a wrong number! Just head to your account once you’re logged in and double check it from there.

You can interact with the show in plenty of other ways too if you don’t fancy playing live. You can interact with the presenters and celebrity guests in the bingo chat rooms, through email and you can even pick up the phone.

You don’t even have to take part in the show to win big bundles of cash. We’ll be putting on extra big money bingo games that you can play whilst watching Live from Studio M, giving you even more chances to win!

The fun doesn’t stop there. Every Saturday there will also be big bingo online events for MORE chances to win! We really do spoil you. Join us for Bonkers Bingo and Players Bingo on alternate Saturdays through the month from 8pm – 10pm. Bonkers Bingo is (as the name suggests) all about going well and truly bonkers. Expect an evening where you’re allowed to be a bit naughty, dance on the tables, be a bit risqué and have a night away from the kids. Players Bingo is a little bit different. This will transport you to the glitz and glamour of fabulous gameshows with an exclusive, classy feel. And hey, we all need a bit of an excuse to dress up, don’t we? So you can go doolally with Bonkers, feel like you’ve been transported back in time for a high-end and sparkling evening with Players or mix it up each week and try both, it doesn’t matter. There really is something for everyone.

The fun will start on February the 1st and will run through the whole month. We can’t WAIT to see you there each night for two hours top-notch fun and entertainment, but if you can’t wait, then don’t forget we’ve got plenty of online bingo that’s sure to tickle your fancy until the big Live from Studio M day arrives.

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