Teaser Thursdays Arrive at Mecca Bingo!

What if we told you that you are just a few weeks away from a special goodie? Mecca Bingo is all set and ready to launch Teaser Thursday, where you could grab yourself a great prize.

We’ve got a sneaky little riddle for you to answer for the next four Thursdays. Mind you, there’s a password to unlock on the fifth Thursday. Use the answers to these four weeks to solve the final riddle and win a prize!

Let’s not waste any more time… you’ve got a riddle to solve. Here we gooo…


15 thoughts on “Teaser Thursdays Arrive at Mecca Bingo!

  1. Angela Breadmore

    I’m not sure what I am meant to comment but the answer is rain which my dog hates but he has a coat.

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