12 Pro Bingo Tips to Seriously Improve your Game

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We’ll say it straight. You can’t control the numbers in games of this nature, but there are things you can do to improve your chances of winning. No need to be a master of maths or gambling guru – a handful of pointers and a few strategies can help you bag some cash and make it even more fun to play.

1. Follow the rules

The more you know about how to play, the more interesting your experience is likely to be. The best place to start is by getting familiar with your operator’s set of terms and conditions that you will need to meet when playing on their site. Take the time to read through them before you play.

It’s a similar situation if you play at a club. If you know the rules and a player wins unfairly – maybe they don’t yell bingo! loud enough for the caller to halt the game but are given the pot anyway – being familiar with the rules could mean the game continues along with your chance to win, or stops right there.

2. Learn to speak the lingo

You’ll find a lingo page on most sites explaining the abbreviations and expressions other players use in the game chat rooms. This makes the game more enjoyable and more sociable as you learn to speak the real lingo with other players. You’ll definitely want to know your Two Fat Ladies from your Two Little Ducks!  

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3. Find the right game for you

There are plenty of games to choose from when you play online so take some time to try them out. It’s about more than getting variety in your diet. The online games are designed to appeal to a variety of players. So until you’ve tried, you just never know what’s going to appeal to you. Not only do we tend to be better at what we find the most fun, but the odds are also really good that you’ll get to meet like-minded players as you go along.

4. Never break the budget

Luckily, this is an inexpensive game to play. You can play for as little as 1p if all you’re after is a bit of fun, or you could put down some serious quid if you’re into the pro stuff. No matter which type of player you are, set a budget and stick to it no matter what. Be clever about saving where you can – like buying additional tickets by cashing in on bonuses.

5. Get to your club with time to spare

One of our favourite tips is to get to your club or hall long before you start playing. Devotees will tell you that this is the best way to get the most out of the experience. Arriving an hour or so before the session begins, means you can grab the seat you want, buy your books, and set up your scratch cards and good-luck charms. Come prepared with tape or a glue stick so you’ll be able to focus on your cards without them slipping on the table. And there’s still time to get a snack and have a gossip with familiar faces. Then when the first ball is called, you’re settled, focused and right on your game.  

6. More tickets equals more chances to win

If your budget allows, or you play just a couple of games at a time, you could buy more tickets each game to up your odds of winning in that particular game. The logic is that if you buy only one card in one game then you only have one chance of winning. Buy two and you double your chance. When you play online, the auto-daub feature means you don’t have to worry about keeping up. Alternatively, you could consider buying fewer tickets per game but participating in more games. Or select some of the lower-value games and if you win, you can then buy your online scratch cards in the big-money jackpot game. It’s a game of probability, so the more you play, the more likely you are to win. This is just just one of the top strategies for helping you win at bingo

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7. Get cozy with the caller

This game is all about luck but it’s also about timing. You want to get your information quickly and the best way to do this is to set yourself up near the caller. Did you know that it’s acceptable practice to take a peek at the next ball as it pops out the chute? Yes, indeed! Just don’t call out your win until after the number has been announced by the caller.

8. Focus is the name of the game

Remember we talked about it being a game of timing? This means that even if Lady Luck is at your shoulder and you fail to shout bingo! by the time the next number is called, Lady Luck will turn her back on you and saunter off to the next table. The Lingo for this unfortunate event is “sleep a bingo” and when you’ve spent a fair amount of time at the table, you’ll need to stay focused for every call. 

9. Stay off the sauce

If you’re at a hall or club that sells alcoholic drinks as well as an assortment of tempting snacks and refreshing beverages while you play – opt for the latter instead of the former if you’re a serious player. Or simply enjoy your tipple in moderation. Failure to do so could find you doing more than missing your chance to win. You might wake up the next morning having blown right through your budget and then some!

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10. Get tips from experienced players

It’s not only a game of luck and timing, it’s also about making social connections. If you’re new to the game, ask experienced players for their advice to increase your chances of winning. This can shave years off the trial-and-error approach. Another tip the pros will share with you, is to take advantage of free games to improve your knowledge, and take advantage of the bonuses on offer. Playing online gives you the opportunity to talk to other players in the chat rooms, who are only too willing to pass on their advice.

11. Your bingo strategy guide

All the balls are generated by a computerized random selector, but by learning to spot the patterns, you may increase your chances in the game. For instance, you start a 90-ball game with a 1 in 90 chance of any number being drawn. At the second call, the chance is 1 in 89, and by the third draw, it’s 1 in 88.

Two of the smartest fellas to study the mathematical aspect of the game were Leonard Tippett (who published a book about his study of random number sampling) and Joseph Granville who built on Tippett’s theories. Here’s what they had to say.

Some cards are more likely to win in certain games than others and it gets quite mathematical, but long story short, these patterns have a tendency to pop up: the same quantity of numbers ending in 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, and so on. This goes for the amount of odd and even numbers called. It’s a similar story with a balance of high and low numbers. So, in a 90-ball game, as numbers are called, the probability of closing to the median number of 45 becomes more likely. This is how you can apply this strategy:

  • Select numbers with different endings – this could be 21, 32, 43 and 54. Your preference should be a scratch card with a balance of odd and even numbers.
  • Ideally, your card numbers should be spread out between 1 and 90.
  • Pick the cards with a wide distribution of numbers.
  • For a ‘long’ game, select numbers closest to 45 and for a ‘short’ game, numbers closest to both 1 and 90.
  • Keep in mind that Tippet’s and Granville’s strategy guide is more art than science!

12. Flex your mental muscles

Did you know that when you repeatedly play either in a hall or online, you develop certain mental skills? This is our advice for an agile mind:

To help you keep up with the caller and never miss an opportunity to fill in a square on one of your cards, read the numbers backwards to save time. So, if you’re looking for C-14, scan the right-hand side of the C column for 4’s. As soon as you spot one, glance left for a 1.

Don’t lose sight of the pattern. A common beginner’s mistake is to not even register that you’ve won because your card is so daubed that you can’t see the pattern. Get around this by pre-daubing the squares you don’t need. Experienced players often develop the mental skills that allow them to visualize the pattern by simply moving their eyes from card to card.

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Have fun!

As we’ve said before, this is a social game that connects you to like-minded players. The not-so-secret secret to becoming the best player you can be is to always enjoy yourself, whether you’re winning or not. When the game means fun to you first and winning takes second place, you’re guaranteed to never lose.

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