All about Best Odds Bingo – Meet BOB

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bob bingo

If you’ve played online bingo at Mecca recently, chances are you’ve met BOB. BOB – or Best Odds Bingo – is the newest addition to the family and has already made thousands of winners.

In fact, since BOB arrived at Mecca Bingo £1 million has been paid out to at least 100,000 delighted BOB players. BOB is truly the answer to the most common bingo complaints because with BOB you win more often and there’s no overcrowded rooms. 

So now you’ve got acquainted, here is everything you need to know to become best buddies. You could be part of our next group of 100,000 winners – just BOB on! 

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7 Creepy Cocktail Recipes for Halloween

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halloween cocktails

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble… Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what this means – it’s time to party!

Once you’ve swamped your home with spooky decorations and chosen your most ghoulish garb, next comes the really important part – choosing which drinks to prepare for your guests.

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