13th November 2020

How to control the social media ads that appear on your feed

Here at Mecca Bingo, we understand that not all the social advertisements you see on your feeds will be ones you want to. Although some adverts on social media or search engines are random, some can be personalised to you based on your browsing history. This means that if you’ve played with us or other […]

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Retro first slot casino machine Liberty Bell

10th November 2020

The Evolution of Slots through the Ages

If you regularly play slots online or at a land-based casino, we don’t have to tell you how popular these machines are. What you might not know is just how far they’ve come in recent years with the help of human innovation and some pretty cool technology. So let’s take a look back and a peek forward.

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5th November 2020

The Most Famous Bingo and Slots World Records

Bingo and slots are two of the most popular gambling pursuits. There are a number of incredible world records associated with these games. From the biggest bingo balls to the largest slots payouts, there’s seemingly no limit on the creative ways people find to break records.

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