16th March 2018

Make The Most of Hull with Mecca

Named the U.K.’s Capital of Culture in 2017, Hull is practically bursting with things to do. While visitors may know this region for its bread cakes and patties, there is so much more to get excited about on your visit to Hull. From stately homes to salsa classes, rock climbing to truffle testing, Hull has […]

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26th February 2018

Mecca Makes Chat Happen!

Have you ever struggled for conversation on a first date? Do you cringe at stony silences in taxis? If this has happened to you (and we’re betting it probably has), you’re not the only one. Today, we’d rather send a text than make a phone call. Instead of laughs, there are LOLs. Rather than waving, […]

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16th February 2018

Our Favourite Random Acts of Kindness by Celebrities

There is something special about making others feel good. From offering an umbrella during a thunderstorm, to giving up your seat on the train, expressions of kindness are what keeps the world spinning. That’s why, every 17th February, we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day – a day which welcomes others in, and shows them […]

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29th January 2018

Make the Most of Newcastle with Mecca

Wey-Aye man! Get ready to pull out your best Geordie twang for your next bingo trip to Newcastle. Based in Central Gateshead, our Mecca Bingo Gateshead bingo club is one of our liveliest venues, and takes in some of the North East’s best entertainment. Here you will find rib-tickling comedy, fabulous flea markets and world-class […]

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18th January 2018

Our Mecca Players Start the New Year Right!

For many, the festive break is the ideal opportunity to enjoy some “me time”, all before the mad rush of January. For our customers, their “me time” is best spent in one of our fun online bingo rooms, playing either against the clock or with their online friends. And let’s not kid ourselves, there are […]

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