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28th May 2019

Top tips for the perfect bbq

Summer is definitely on the way and there’s no surer sign than the sun in the sky and the smell of a barbecue! Hosting a bbq party is one of the highlights of our year. To help you to get organised for your own back yard shindig, here are our top tips.

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24th May 2019

Which Type of Bingo Player Are You?

Are you the wisecracking joker of the bingo club or the eyes-down, dabber-ready ‘one to beat?’ Are you driven by the big wins or the big grins? There are many different types of online bingo player enjoying the fun at and there are several characters that can be spotted in our bingo clubs.

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22nd May 2019

Themed slot games: Movie & TV slots

Did you know, we have a whole selection of slot games based on TV shows and films? From quiz show classics and TV sensations, to blockbuster movies and comedy capers, we have it all covered over in our fab slots games collection. Still ‘reel-y’ new at this? Make you sure you take a look at […]

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Best fridays plans

21st May 2019

Fun things to do on a Friday night

Wondering what to do with your Friday night? We’ve got some great ideas that you might want to try if you have no plans this weekend. Whether you want to stay in or go out, hang out with friends or enjoy some ‘you’ time, we’ve got it covered!

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Bingo Calls - Mecca Bingo

13th May 2019

Bingo calls: A complete list of bingo nicknames

If you’ve ever played a game of bingo, you’ll probably have heard the caller saying a lot of strange – and sometimes cheeky – phrases that relate to specific numbers. These long-used terms have taken on their own meanings over time, becoming part of the bingo world’s dictionary. Take a look at our complete list […]

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