Bingo around the World

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It’s easy to imagine that bingo has been around for more than a few decades. In fact, different variations of the much-loved game have been played for nearly five hundred years!

Invented in Italy during the 16th century, bingo has grown to become a world-wide phenomenon that’s played in many different formats.

Here’s a run-down of how the game has evolved across the world.
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Meet a Mecca bingo caller

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Bingo caller

John O’Connell is a bingo caller at Mecca Forge in Glasgow. He recently spoke to the Metro newspaper about working as the club’s Bob – or bingo caller! We’ve popped the interview below so if you didn’t grab a copy on your morning commute, you can have a read at your leisure.


We’ve also got our own BOB over at Our Best Odds Bingo name was inspired by the fabulous callers that announce the numbers for every game.


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