29th September 2016

Lucky numbers from across the globe

It’s easy to believe that, with big internationally acclaimed films like Lucky Number Slevin, that lucky numbers must be universal. Doesn’t everybody around the world think the number 13 is unlucky? Does number 7 mean the same in Peru as it does in Portugal? Turns out there are a lot of lucky numbers around the […]

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19th June 2015

You Said, We Listened

As you might have noticed, we’ve given our site a bit of revamp. We hope you like it because we certainly do. Our new look has painted a big old smile on our faces here at Mecca. You can’t beat a bit of redecorating! There’s more to it than a lick of paint though. In […]

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Which Bingo awards

22nd May 2015

Mecca Bingo for the win!

  Get the champers out! We can’t believe it. You guys only went and got us through to the Which Bingo Award finals AGAIN.   We’re pretty thrilled at all the love and now we need you to vote for us in the following categories:       Best Online Bingo Site Best Online Bingo Chat […]

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15th May 2015

Mecca’s got sandwiches

We love sandwiches, you love sandwiches, we all love sandwiches! They’re really are the best thing since sliced bread! Britain loves them so much there’s a whole bloomin’ week dedicated to them! Here’s some fun facts you might not know about this most marvelous of creations: 1) There’s a place called Sandwich – We want to live […]

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love coffee

30th April 2015

7 Signs you love coffee (a little too much)

Seems our love of the black stuff hasn’t run out of steam. We love our coffee, now more than ever! And there’s not a problem in the world a nice cuppa can’t fix, just add #MeccaFriends and you’re good to go! Which is why we’re celebrating #CoffeeWeek from Monday 4 – 8 May, giving you […]

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